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A Marriage of Necessity – Tarah Scott

Anne angled away from her best friend, Jeanine, drew back the edge of her glove, and glanced at the face of the silver gilded watch pinned to the inside of the fabric. 11:57. If her watch was correct, and the time piece had kept perfect time for three generations, the third ball of the season […]

A Lady by Chance – Tarah Scott

Lieutenant Patrick Chalmers knew that only a fool fights an unseen enemy. Unfortunately, he’d just seen his. Not that he could truly call his family’s green lady a foe. If anything, she was a tradition. A pathetic apparition known to drift about Baldain House in search of her husband or lover, a long-dead man believed […]

A Heart Worth Loving – Tarah Scott, Erin Rye

“Beasts, all four—and brawny, too.” Mrs. Bilson fanned her pink cheeks. China teacups rattled. Lemon souffles forgotten, the conversation around the tea table lowered then stopped, and five pairs of expectant eyes swiveled in Kyla’s direction. Kyla jarred from the wonder of where her mother had disappeared to. “Pardon?” The women, who leaned toward the […]

Hawk and the Cougar – Tarah Scott

Liz Williams slid into the last empty desk in the middle of the back row of the tiered lecture hall at Arizona State University. A low hum of conversation buzzed in the large room filled with university students nearly half her age. She hunched low in the seat. Dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, she […]

A Stranger’s Gamble – Tarah Scott

Adam Scott looked from the newspaper he was reading to the glass of brandy that sat on the table to his right. This was his fourth brandy at his club. The liquor, along with the warmth of the fire burning in the hearth had relaxed him to the point that he considered going to Lena’s […]

Rogue Witch – Tarah Scott

Sunlight blinds me. I throw up a hand against the glare. Where the hell am I? Seconds ago, I had crashed to the floor while chasing Shadows in a dimly lit kitchen. I slap a hand over the shoulder I fell on, but there’s no pain. I turn in a circle, heart pounding. Gone is […]

Wicked Highland Heroes – Tarah Scott

If ever a woman deserved to be shot, it was Miss Crenshaw. But dawn appointments weren’t meant for the weaker sex. Weaker sex. The lady was anything but weak, which is why Erroll intended to throttle her. Erroll laid a shilling in the innkeeper’s palm. “You understand the need for discretion.” “Indeed, I do, my […]

The Flowers of Scotland – Tarah Scott

“Who are ye?” Malcolm Russell, the owner and proprietor of Inverness’s premier public house, The Melrose, mumbled to himself. Hunched over yellowing, various sized papers stacked on the polished wood table in what passed for a quiet corner of the busy watering hole, he shuffled through handwritten copies of two-hundred-year-old marriage licenses and baptismal records. […]

Sweet Hellion – Tarah Scott

Dishonor. Coward. Shame. Disgrace. The accusatory words pounded through Rhys’ fevered dreams, alongside the cannon thunder that shook the earth. Again, and yet again, his men fell, the agony of their screams burning his soul while the acrid stench of gunpowder burned his lungs. A chaos of assault that began when William Ross, Viscount Munro, […]

Shameless – Erin Rye, Tarah Scott

JULIET SQUINTED AGAINST THE late morning sun that streamed through the open window behind Lady Honoria Peddington’s study desk. Girlish laughter wafted up from the modest courtyard as Honoria rose then skirted the large, claw-footed mahogany desk to where Juliet stood on the dark green, paisley-patterned carpet. For a woman nearing fifty, Honoria was remarkably […]

Redemption of a Marquess – Tarah Scott

Valan Grey, the 6 th Earl of Edmonds, the Marquess of Northington, sipped wine and watched the brown-haired beauty waltz with Mr. Evans, a peacock amid a glittering barnyard of hens. Evans had twice stepped on her toes, yet her smile hadn’t faltered. Valan slowed his stroll and spared a glance for the other wolf, […]

Redemption – Tarah Scott

THERE ARE things in this world some say are invaluable. Time, happiness, and love being among the most sought after. But to Helena, the gift of story was the greatest gift of all. Stories, legends…fables, live forever. And in the darkest hours, they might even change one’s life. The snow-covered ground reflected a dazzling glow […]

Reckless Desire – Tarah Scott

Only the Marriage Maker can pull flowers from the ashes… Few men are legends in their own time, great fame more often coming years, even centuries later, and by the pens of scribes who rely on long-told tales rather than fact. Even so, now and again, largerthan-life heroes appear, the sheer force of their personalities […]

Passion – Tarah Scott

NOT ONE MAN remained on the battlefield. Not even the dead. After nearly a fortnight away from home, and a three-day-long battle, they were going home. But this was not a day to rejoice. Seventy of the two hundred MacLeod warriors who’d fought would be brought to their final resting place within Dunvegan’s chapel cemetery. […]

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