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A Scot to Keep – Tammy Andresen

LİLY STOOD at the sink basin near the door, washing her hands. Soft cooing noises emitted from the bed and she glanced up to see mother and child snuggled together as Mr. McGreevy, one of their croft farmers and father of the baby, leaned close to his wife, cooing back at the child. Joy lit […]

A Lass to Love – Tammy Andresen

Miss Fiona MacFarland stood on the dock in Greenoch and stared at her cousin Colin’s ship, butterflies dancing in her stomach. She covered the offending organ with her hands as she straightened her spine. Fear would not rule her life now. But another voice argued back, saying this trip was far too scary and the […]

A Laird to Remember – Tammy Andresen

Lady Daisy Morningstar sat in front of her mirror assessing her blonde coif one final time. The loose arrangement had been painstakingly pinned to look effortless with the perfect amount of complicated twists in the back and loose strands in the front to soften her face. Generally speaking, she was considered a beauty by many, […]

Queen of Hearts – Tammy Andresen

THE MARQUESS of Hartwell had gone mad. Miss Arabella White let out a few choice words as she stared at the missive in her hands. Candles flickered around her as they prepared to open the club’s doors for customers. Friday nights were always busy, and she should be out on the floor, helping the dealers […]

Marquess of Diamonds – Tammy Andresen

LADY ABİGAİL WİLLİAMS sat on the settee in her parlor ready for her dear friend, Lady Daisy, to arrive. Anticipation made her clasp and unclasp her hands as she attempted not to fidget. Her mother despised fidgeting. The afternoon sun streamed in through the windows warming the room. It was a delightful day to see […]

Found; Bare with a Baron – Tammy Andresen

THE HONOURABLE ALEXİ STARLİGHT skulked about the edge of the ballroom, trying very hard not to be seen. As a debutante and the daughter of a viscount, skulking was strictly forbidden. Gliding effortlessly was strongly encouraged, as was standing demurely. But neither of those skills came naturally to her, as evidenced by the disastrous dance […]

Baron of Clubs – Tammy Andresen

THE LOUD THUMP on the wall was the first indication that something had gone very wrong out in the hall. Had a maid knocked over a vase? Lady Elizabeth Stanton sat up straighter in her chair. The maid pinning her hair stopped too, turning toward the door. Lizzie couldn’t remember her name. She’d only arrived […]

Needed; A Dishonorable Duke – Tammy Andresen

MİSS MONA AYERS had to admit that there were certain disadvantages to being a wallflower. First and foremost was the lack of suitors she’d managed to obtain. She could blame her looks to a certain extent. Her shock of bright red hair did not help her to appear the docile society creature that most gentlemen […]

Wanted; An Earl for Hire – Tammy Andresen

AS FAR AS FRİENDS WENT, Charlotte Pennington reflected, their group was one few idolized. In fact, as a spinster at three and twenty, people didn’t really pay much attention to her at all. Which suited Charlotte perfectly. Her friends had mostly gone unnoticed as well. It seemed to suit them just fine too, though the […]

Her White Wedding – Tammy Andresen

BY ALL ACCOUNTS, Dowager Duchess, Her Grace, Esme Whitehaven, should have given up on love and marriage at the tender age of eighteen. She’d attended precisely one ball when she’d caught the eye of the Duke of Whitehaven, a man thirty years older than her, hard and cruel in ways she’d never imagined. But that […]

Duke of Chance – Tammy Andresen

CHANCE, better known as the Duke of Danesbury, kicked his feet onto the table as he stared at the fifteen men pressed into the small room at the back of his new gaming hell, the Den of Sins. This was their interview. He grabbed the whisky in front of him and took a swig as […]

His White Wager – Tammy Andresen

REBECCA SAT JUST inside the large wooden doors with massive black metal hinges. The doors were made for cargo, each the width of a tall man. They weren’t used for goods currently, however. Unless one counted men as cargo. Which Bec supposed some people did. On one, a small sliding window was embedded in the […]

Her Wild White – Tammy Andresen

SAYDEN WHİTE STOOD on the deck of the three-masted schooner, grey mist swirling about him making the air as thick as split pea soup. As a rule, he liked the rain. It was quiet. Well, he supposed sometimes it could be very loud but perhaps it was more that his mind was quiet in the […]

Her Wanton White – Tammy Andresen

APRİL 1815, Dover, England… LORD JUSTİCE WHİTE stood on the outskirts of a fucking ball, a crush of people crowding the large room as conversation and laughter filled the air. Justice participated in neither. Instead, he lamented the fates that had brought him to this exact moment. Justice hated society and nearly everyone in it. […]

Laird of Longing – Tammy Andresen

AS FAR AS PLANS WENT, Sophie had to confess, this likely wasn’t her best. Lady Sophie Everclear, daughter to the Earl of Templeton, darling of the ton, and diamond of the first water—as had been printed just last week in the society section of The Times—currently crouched behind several large crates in the hull of […]

His Wallflower White – Tammy Andresen

“I do believe I despise London,” Millie declared as she took a bite of a delicate confection. She sat outside one of the many shops that lined the narrow cobblestone street near where they’d taken up residence. The words were the absolute truth. Despite the abundance of pastries, London was loud, busy, and, quite honestly, […]

Her Willful White – Tammy Andresen

A thick fog rolled over the docks making the night air eerily calm. Lord Destrian White moved through swirling clouds, his footsteps muted against the wood. It was the sort of night where the world seemed sinister. His friend, and second in command, William Parricide, moved next to him. “We’ll not discover a thing in […]

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