Tag: Summer Hanford

A Lord’s Dream – Summer Hanford

Liza stood, half hidden behind the window curtain in the front parlor, watching. Any moment, Lord Thomas would emerge from his home across the street and stroll down the steps. She waited to catch an unguarded glimpse of him. He never looked up, never glimpsed her peering through the window. Lord Thomas thought only about […]

False Lady – Summer Hanford

Madelina Greydrake halted at the top of the grand staircase in her father’s, the former Marquess of Westlock’s, London home. Mahogany steps draped in cream and gold carpet curved away before the toes of her slippers, the thick ply a cascade of brightness in the two-story entrance hall. The arc of the wall, mahogany paneling […]

The Runaway Baroness – Summer Hanford

Arland looked up from the page before him as footsteps pattered down the hall. A moment later, his daughter Dacia hurtled into his office. Blonde braids bouncing, her momentum carried her right up to his desk. Two small hands gripped the edge, bracing her against the heavily carved piece. “What did I say about racing […]

The Archaeologist’s Daughter – Summer Hanford

William Greydrake, future Marquess of Westlock, lounged on the leather couch in Lethbridge’s London office, watching the attorney shuffle pages. The room, furnished in dark wood, was perpetually gloomy. It suited its occupant. “Have you any brandy?” William asked. “If I must endure your paper pushing, I should like a drink.” Lethbridge darted a look […]

My Lady of Danger – Summer Hanford

Alasdair stood, unmoving, outside the general’s office. He did not pace. He didn’t fidget. His uniform was a study in perfection, his dark hair neatly trimmed. When the door to the general’s office opened, Alasdair’s highly polished boots reflected back the line of sunlight that cut across them. “He’ll see you now, sir.” The clerk […]

Last Chance for a Lord – Summer Hanford

Miss Emily Green trailed her mother through the receiving line, trying not to tug at her ruffletrimmed, pale-lilac gown. This was her first ball. Her first true foray into society since her come out, delayed a year by her father’s death. A pang of sorrow swept through her. Though she and her father hadn’t been […]

His Imaginary Courtship – Summer Hanford

Iris Greenwood pushed an errant auburn lock from her face, gaze intent on her next stitch. The angle of light had shifted as the afternoon wore on. Soon, she must move to another sofa in the large, hunter-green-themed parlor. Mother had ordered rosebuds embroidered on Daisy’s gown, and Iris would know no freedom until she […]

Deceived by a Lord – Summer Hanford

Tilly knew it was wrong, knew she should try to change her feelings, but she hated her older sister Prudence. The only good thing about Prudence was that she’d married a year and a half ago and her husband, Lord Erwin, had decided she should spend time overseeing charitable works around his country seat. The […]

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