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A Match for Marcus Cynster – Stephanie Laurens

April 1849 The Carrick Estate, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland “Miss Niniver? Are you there?” Niniver Carrick looked up from the silky head of the deerhound she was stroking. Recognizing the speaker’s voice, she inwardly sighed. Crouched in a pen halfway down old Egan’s barn, she was hidden from Ferguson’s sight. For one fleeting instant, she […]

A Gentleman’s Honor – Stephanie Laurens

“WE’VE A MONTH BEFORE THE SEASON BEGINS, AND ALREADY the harpies are hunting in packs.” Charles St. Austell sank into one of the eight straight-backed chairs around the mahogany table in the Bastion Club’s meeting room. “As we predicted.” Anthony Blake, sixth Viscount Torrington, took the chair opposite. “The action in the marriage mart seems […]

Foes, Friends and Lovers – Stephanie Laurens

Gregory Cynster kept his matched bays to a steady pace along the gently winding road heading southwest from Wellingborough. It was barely two o’clock in the afternoon, and despite the chilly temperatures and overcast skies, no rain threatened; he saw no reason to hurry. Seated beside him, his gentleman’s gentleman, Snibbs, who hadn’t visited Bellamy […]

The Meaning of Love – Stephanie Laurens

J CHAPTER 1 MARCH 4, 1821. CARSINGTON CASTLE, DERBYSHIRE. ulian Delamere, seventh Earl of Carsely, drew rein on the rise where the bridle path emerged from the woods to the west of his home and looked down on the sprawling pile that was Carsington Castle. The sight was as familiar as his own face. Built […]

The Murder at Mandeville Hall – Stephanie Laurens

What am I doing here? With practiced languor, Alaric Augustus Radleigh, ninth Baron Carradale, strolled among the guests in the Mandeville Hall drawing room and endeavored to conceal his impatience to be elsewhere. Around him, the twenty-plus acquaintances the Honorable Percy Mandeville had summoned to his annual weeklong summer house party smiled, chatted, flirted, and […]

The Lady By His Side – Stephanie Laurens

I need your help.” Lord Sebastian Cynster, Marquess of Earith, sank into the comfort of a leather armchair in the refined quiet of Arthur’s and watched as Lord Drake Varisey, Marquess of Winchelsea, settled his elegant length in the armchair facing Sebastian’s. Drake had sent a footman around that morning with a request for this […]

Lady Osbaldestone’s Christmas Goose – Stephanie Laurens

“You did what?” Standing in her drawing room, Therese, Lady Osbaldestone, looked upon the three slightly rumpled children, lined up quite literally on the carpet before her, with something akin to fascination. Three of her brood of sixteen grandchildren, they were proving to be remarkably inventive. Presumably, they took after their mother—Therese’s youngest daughter, Celia—rather […]

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