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A Rogue for a Lady – Rose Pearson

Are you quite ready?” Amelia Seaworth, first daughter to the Duke of Westbrook, looked at herself in the mirror. She barely recognized her own reflection, taking in the beautiful dress she was wearing and the glow of happiness in her eyes. “Yes,” she murmured, rising to her feet. “Yes, I believe I am ready.” Harmonia, […]

A Past to Forget – Rose Pearson

You must make a good impression this evening.” Ellen closed her eyes and took in a long, steadying breath. This was now the fifth time that her mother had spoken to her, and Ellen was already all too aware of what was expected of her. “Lord and Lady Guardmouth are highly respected,” Lady Coulbourne continued, […]

A New Home for the Duke – Rose Pearson

Miss Jenny Edgington looked all about her as the carriage drew level with one of the grandest houses she had ever seen. It was a large building with spectacular grounds, and certainly what she should have expected as the residence of a Duke. But even still, the house looked almost formidable. An unwelcome stir of […]

A New Beginning – Rose Pearson

Good evening, Miss Taylor.” Miss Emily Taylor, daughter to the Viscount Chesterton, kept her gaze low to the ground, her stomach knotting. The gentleman who had greeted her was, at this present moment, looking at her with something akin to a leer, his balding head already gleaming in the candlelight. “Good evening, Lord Smithton,” she […]

A Lord Undone – Rose Pearson

There were whispers everywhere she went. Eyes giving her sidelong glances. Smirks on the lips of ladies she had only yesterday considered to be acquaintances. Beatrice simply could not explain it. Her cheeks began to burn with embarrassment, although she did not know the reasons behind her shame. Looking surreptitiously up towards the next shop […]

A Gentleman’s Revenge – Rose Pearson

“Really, Miss Crosby, you must do better.” Miss Sarah Crosby cringed and lowered her head. Whilst she was well used to Lord Britton’s sharp reprimands, it did not make them any easier to bear. “My daughter depends on you to ensure she has a wonderful season and that includes having at least two seriously interested […]

A Foolish Wager – Rose Pearson

“Lady Amelia, come down from there at once!” Lady Amelia did nothing but giggle and climb higher, choosing quite firmly to ignore the anxious voice of her governess. She had climbed this particular tree on many previous occasions and certainly was not about to stop doing so now! “You must desist!” her governess called, now […]

A Family for Christmas – Rose Pearson

It seemed strange, on such a somber occasion as a funeral, that there were boughs of holly, hundreds of candles and garlands of evergreens decorating the church ready for the service to commemorate the beginning of Advent that was due to take place the next day. Anna Campbell looked at the coffin set upon trestles […]

A Wager with a Viscount – Rose Pearson

Edmund Richardson, Lord Wollaston, shot a doubtful glance towards his brother. “And how long is your intended visit?” His brother shrugged one shoulder and looked away. “I am not yet quite certain.” The doubts in Edmund’s mind only grew. “If you cannot tell me how long you will be on the continent for, then I […]

A Viscount’s Stolen Fortune – Rose Pearson

“What say you, Lord Foster, another round?” William tried to find some sort of inner strength by which he could answer, but there did not appear to be any available to him. “Capital. It is good that you are game.” He blinked furiously, trying to find the words to say that he did not wish […]

The Hidden Governess – Rose Pearson

“You will wed him.” Lady Albina Waterford lifted her chin and looked directly into her father’s eyes. “I shall not.” Her father’s eyes narrowed. “I will not tolerate such behavior, Albina. I have already spoken to you about Lord Kingston and explained to you the particulars as best I could.” Shaking her head firmly, Albina […]

The Companion and the Earl – Rose Pearson

“Have no doubt, Miss Fullerton. This year, we will be successful.” Miss Deborah Fullerton tried to smile but her heart was so heavily weighted that it was a struggle to even attempt to do so. “You do not have the same hope as I, I think.” Lady Havisham turned her head and looked sharply back […]

More than a Companion – Rose Pearson

Did you hear me, Honora?” Miss Honora Gregory lifted her head at once, knowing that her father did not refer to her as ‘Honora’ very often and that he only did so when he was either irritated or angry with her. “I do apologize, father, I was lost in my book,” Honora replied, choosing to […]

The Lady’s Brave Heart – Rose Pearson

T PROLOGUE he shadows dancing on the wall brought Matthew no contentment. The fire was unnecessary given that it was the height of summer, but he had wanted to watch the flames dance in the hope that it would bring his mind some relief. It had not. He had failed in his latest endeavor against […]

Healing the Earl – Rose Pearson

C PROLOGUE lara!” The sound of her father’s voice ricocheting through the house sent a shudder through Clara and she flung herself to her feet in an instant. The book she had been reading was set to one side, quickly forgotten, and she smoothed her skirts hurriedly, her stomach already tight with anxiety about what […]

Whispers of the Heart – Rose Pearson

“My lady.” Miss Ann Whyte looked up from her needlework, smiling briefly as she glanced at the note that the butler held out on a silver tray. “Thank you,” she murmured, looking down at it and realizing that the handwriting was her brother’s. Her heart leaped and she quickly set her needlework down, picking up […]

To Trust a Viscount – Rose Pearson

“Y C H A P T E R O N E ou must return to England.” “No.” Daniel shook his head hard and immediately winced at the pain that shot through his shoulder and down his arm. Grimacing, he tried to ignore the fire that seemed to burn into his very bones. “I can still […]

A Spinster No More – Rose Pearson

July 1819, London It was a perfectly lovely wedding. The bride looked radiant. The groom had a smug and contented smile. But Everton Cormick was struggling to find pleasure in it. He forced himself to smile, and he dutifully danced with everyone he should. The food was excellent, which was at least something to be […]

A Family of Her Own – Rose Pearson

The yuletide season was half done, as family and friends gathered at Watton House for the Watts’ traditional Christmas Eve party. Everyone in the house was in merry spirits, glad to be reunited and happy that they had so much to be grateful for. Sophie Lefebvre had joined her dear friend, Lady Charlotte Watts, and […]

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