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A Love to Have and to Hold – Linda Ford

Walker’s legs buckled. He caught himself before he fell. He wiped his eyes. Shimmering shapes ahead made him squint to focus. Buildings. A town. He stumbled forward. A steeple on the nearest building pointed heavenward. Thank You, God. I made it. He staggered the last few paces and collapsed on the steps of the church. […]

A Love to Cherish – Linda Ford

Reese Cartwright rode his black horse, Thunder, down the dusty main street of the small town of Glory, Montana. He and the man who had joined him three days ago drew abreast of White’s Store. Two young ladies stepped to the wooden sidewalk, not more than ten feet away. Reese glanced at them. His glance […]

A Heart’s Yearning – Linda Ford

Finn saw the blur of little feet, a billowing blue-flowered skirt, and a flash of blonde braids right in front of them. His breath knotted in his chest at the intrusion, at the knowledge that the ball of skirts and blonde hair was about to be trampled by his mule’s hooves. The child giggled as […]

Glory and the Rawhide Preacher – Linda Ford

ONNERS FERRY, IDAHO, DURING THE KOOTENAI GOLD RUSH, SPRING 1864 is name was Levi. Levi Powers, he reminded himself lest he lose track of who he was and what he meant to do. Twenty-six years of age. A man intent on fulfilling his vow. He pulled to a halt in front of the saloon, tugged […]

Austin – Linda Ford

A 1 Late 1887 ustin Wagoner reined in at the sound of gunshots. Several shots, which meant it couldn’t be someone killing an animal. Or shooting a snake, though likely all the snakes had gone to their dens for the winter. In fact, it sounded like several shooters were involved. Austin looked toward the west. […]

Sam – Linda Ford

Circle A Ranch, 1887 ou want me to do what?” Sam had heard his sister correctly but didn’t believe the words. She wanted him to take Yvette Bellamy to town? “I know the two of you haven’t hit it off but you’re my brother and she’s my best friend. I’d really like it if you’d […]

Pete – Linda Ford

T 1 Circle A Ranch, 1887 he lumber for the new schoolhouse was loaded on the wagon. It was barely past noon and Pete Blake was ready to return to the Circle A Ranch. He strode into the Fort Macleod station house to inform the agent. He stepped into the cool interior, light from outdoors […]

Adam – Linda Ford

Circle A Ranch, 1887 The trip to town had been without incident. He’d enjoyed the bright sun and green landscape. Yup. It had been a relaxing ride. He expected the return trip to be likewise uneventful giving him a chance to compose another letter. Twenty-two-year-old Adam Murray halted the wagon, climbed down, and stepped inside […]

A Heart’s Promise – Linda Ford

Hilda Meyer looked across the street to the smoke-blackened windows. Her dreams and the hope of living up to her promise gone up in flames. The café and bakery where she had a good business was now nothing but a firescorched building. Her source of security and independence ruined. She blinked back tears. Couldn’t have […]

A Heart’s Delight – Linda Ford

A burst of laughter erupted in the dining room of Willow Creek’s café and bakery. Laura Fisher, age twenty, guessed the source of the amusement. Cody Remington, the man running the saddlery shop next door for his brother, Ryder, while Ryder and his new wife were away celebrating their marriage. Laura didn’t resent that her […]

A Heart’s Blessing – Linda Ford

This was his chance to start over. Forget the past. Put it all behind him. Ryder Remington stood in the middle of the business he’d recently acquired in the little town of Willow Creek, Western Canada, where he knew no one and, apart from dealing with customers, planned to keep it that way. Even Cody, […]

Wagon Train Wedding – Linda Ford

What do you mean she’s missing?” Gil Trapper, scout for the Santa Fe Trail wagon train looked at the worried faces around him. How could Judith Russell be missing? She’d been traveling with the train since they left Independence near on to a month ago. From the beginning she’d been a good traveler, doing her […]

Wagon Train Matchmaker – Linda Ford

Why don’t you and Warren get married? Then everyone would have someone and be happy.” Ten-year-old Polly’s blue-green eyes filled with challenge. Eighteen-year-old Mary Mae Clark gasped at the child’s question to her. Her insides burned with embarrassment. Warren Russell sat across the campfire and appeared busy fixing a piece of harness. With his brother’s […]

Wagon Train Christmas – Linda Ford

Sophia Lorenzo was about to step from her room on the second level of Bent’s Fort when she glimpsed a familiar figure approaching… the wagon master from the wagon train that had recently arrived… a friend of her now-dead husband. She drew back into the shadows of her room, her heart pounding, and waited for […]

Second-Chance Bride – Linda Ford

They were gone again. Twenty-two-year-old Freyda Haevre stared at the empty corrals. The gate had somehow come unlatched and was pushed open to allow her two plow horses to escape. She jerked about and fixed her gaze on the low house not more than a five-minute walk from where she stood depending on whether she […]

Renewing Love – Linda Ford

It wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be. Eve Kinsley stared across the distance at a man who looked very much like the one who had walked out of her life over two years ago. She turned to her brother-in-law beside her on the wagon seat. “You didn’t tell me the name of your new neighbors.” And […]

Reluctant Bride – Linda Ford

Before the morning ended, Agnes Bland became the mother to three girls—a four-dayold unnamed infant, four-year-old Hettie, and six-year-old Lila…all that was left of the Long family. Their mother had been buried. The landlord had said they must leave the house. Agnes touched the letter in her pocket giving her custody of the children. She […]

Rancher’s Bride – Linda Ford

Seventeen-year-old Tilly Kinsley was trapped in the spare bedroom where she had ducked out of sight at the sound of knocking. She pressed her palm to her jaw, feeling the tender uneven texture of her burn. She would stay hidden until the visitor left. Pa answered the door. “Hello. Welcome. Come in.” A deep voice […]

Maryelle – Linda Ford

Next stop, Flat Rock,” the conductor announced, pausing at Maryelle’s side. “Your journey is almost over, Ma’am. I wish you all the best.” Maryelle sat up straighter, her chest impossibly tight as the train slowed and puffed to a halt. She leaned toward the window for a closer look. “It’s nothing much to look at, […]

Loving a Rebel – Linda Ford

Flora Kinsley squinted into the blinding snow. Could anything more go wrong on a day that had started out so shining and bright? She was lost, with no idea how far she was from town. Not that it was her fault. She’d ridden hard, certain a rider followed her and gained on her. In her […]

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