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A Loyal Heart – Jody Hedlund

Ludlow Castle, Eastern Marches June, in the year of our Lord 1392 “The inner bailey wall to the south is down, my lady, and the castle will soon be overrun.” The soldier faltered in the doorway of my chambers, his armor slick with the blood of battle. The news of the collapse didn’t surprise me. […]

To Tame a Cowboy – Jody Hedlund

Savannah Marshall’s heart pulled taut like a rope in a tug-of-war. In the darkness of predawn, she paused inside the front door, glancing behind her at the winding grand staircase. She ought to march right up to her room, climb back under her covers, and stay. But her feet seemed to tangle with the plush […]

Never Leave Me – Jody Hedlund

“I’M DYING, AND WE CAN’T CHANGE THAT.” Even though Ellen Creighton spoke as softly and gently as possible, she could do nothing to soften the harshness of the truth. In his wheelchair next to the garden bench where she reclined, Harrison Burlington’s shoulders deflated. With his elbows propped against his knees, he jammed his fingers […]

Entwined – Jody Hedlund

THE KİNG İS not himself.” I hunched over the table and kept my voice low. “He has an ailing that goesbeyond his injuries.” My five closest companions from the Knights of Brethren were huddled around the table with me,their expressions somber, the overcast morning adding to the gravity. I glanced over my shoulder toward the […]

The Heart of a Cowboy – Jody Hedlund

She was going to drown. The Neosho River wrapped its cold fingers around Linnea Newberry and pulled her down. Frantically she fought the raging current. But muddy water rushed against her face, filling her mouth and nose, making it impossible to breathe. Above the roaring water, shouts and calls trailed after her. Her grandfather’s anxious […]

Enamored – Jody Hedlund

“Whom do you choose as your husband?” The king leaned closer to me in our spectator box. “Surely amongst so many gallant noblemen you have your sights affixed on one by now.” “I would that I did, Your Majesty.” The melee unfolded in the tournament field before us, but I took no pleasure in watching […]

Always – Jody Hedlund

“Another sip, Your Majesty,” I pleaded, holding out the golden chalice of raspberry-leaf tea. I tried to quell my shaking so I wouldn’t spill the liquid that was supposed to slow the bleeding but hadn’t yet. The queen clamped her lips closed to fend off another scream. Against the feather bolster and pillow beres, the […]

Come Back to Me – Jody Hedlund

“Your father is in a coma.” “What did you say?” Marian Creighton fumbled with her phone and almost dropped it. “I don’t think I heard you correctly.” “I’m sorry, Marian.” Harrison Burlington’s English accent on the other end was as loud and clear as if he’d been sitting at Jasper’s desk opposite from hers. “Unfortunately, […]

Beholden – Jody Hedlund

I KNELT BEFORE my father, King Christian. My two brothers did likewise on either side of me. “The time for the Testing has come.” The king’s voice resounded through the great hall, which was filled to overflowing with nobility and commoners alike, vying to witness the fate of their princes. “We are ready, Your Majesty,” […]

With You Always – Jody Hedlund

Elise Neumann stared out the cracked third-story window to the muddy street below, watching the omnibuses and carriages slog their way through the muck. Pedestrians dodged puddles as they hurried along. A lone newsboy stood on the street corner attempting to sell his papers, his cheeks and hands black with ink. Even at the early […]

The Runaway Bride – Jody Hedlund

Today she might meet the man she’d marry. On the ship’s main deck, Arabella Lawrence stood absolutely still as a lady ought to do, even though the prospect of seeing her husband-to-be flustered her to a near faint. Like the others around her, she peered at the top rung of the ladder waiting for a […]

Hereafter – Jody Hedlund

I brushed my hand over the crushed grass and examined the nearly invisible footprint beneath. Only a pace away, a broken twig and a patch of flattened bellflowers confirmed my suspicion. A stranger had made it past the ravine and was quite possibly still lingering. My chest tightened, squeezing the air from my lungs and […]

Foremost – Jody Hedlund

I crouched next to Edmund behind the boulder. The harpy eagle circled overhead, her gray-andwhite markings blending with the frosty winter sky. “She is beautiful today,” I whispered reverently, my breath rising in a puff and freezing on my already-chilled cheeks. Focused on Sheba, Edmund was lost in silent communication with the mighty bird of […]

Evermore – Jody Hedlund

“I shall ride the final course.” I grabbed the great helm. “You know I have the better chance at vanquishing Lord Mortimer.” “No, Adelaide.” Mitchell reached to divest me of the helmet, but I sidestepped him and thrust it on before he could wrest it away. “I shall pretend I am you, and Lord Mortimer […]

A Worthy Rebel – Jody Hedlund

Pembroke Castle, Western Midlands September, in the year of our Lord 1395 “Upon our arrival, ” Lady Margaret said, flicking her reins and prodding her mare to a trot, “Sir Thomas will be expecting your agreement of marriage.” “So soon?” I urged my horse to keep up with my stepmother’s, though I wished to slow […]

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