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A Mackenzie Yuletide – Jennifer Ashley

DECEMBER 1898 Mac Mackenzie paused, his paintbrush dripping, at the soft sound from the end of the corridor. The skylights in his room at the top of Kilmorgan Castle, the vast Mackenzie manor house, were dark. Mac didn’t remember night falling, but when he became deeply immersed in painting, time passed swiftly. It was also […]

Along Came a Prince – Jennifer Ashley

Sonia Broadbent stepped from the parquet-floored hall of the Duke of Ashford’s lavish Berkley Square mansion to the crush inside the large double drawing room and halted in dismay. “Oh, dear.” She tightened her grip on the glass of ratafia she’d been sipping before it could slip from her fingers. “What is it, darling?” her […]

The Seduction of Elliot McBride – Jennifer Ashley

Juliana St. John’s fiancé was an hour late to his own wedding. While Juliana sat waiting, resplendent in satin and yellow roses, various friends and family members were dispatched through rainy Edinburgh to find out what was the matter. The matron of honor, Ainsley Mackenzie, tried to keep up Juliana’s spirits, as did Juliana’s stepmother, […]

Duke the Halls – Jennifer Ashley

Y CHAPTER 1 BERKSHIRE, DECEMBER 31, 1810 ou know precisely whom I will marry, Grandfather. You tease me to enjoy yourself, but all the games in the world will not change that Major Barnett will someday be my husband.” As she spoke, Lady Jane Randolph regarded her grandfather in half amusement, half exasperation. Grandfather MacDonald […]

Duke in Search of a Duchess – Jennifer Ashley

PRECİSİON. Nothing wrong with it. Ash allowed his walking stick a single swing as he left St. James’s Palace at exactly seven o’clock in the evening and strode up St. James’s Street in the cool September dusk. He bypassed the temples to backroom politics and ruinous games—White’s, Brooke’s, Boodle’s, et cetera—and continued to Piccadilly, crossing […]

Wild Wolf – Jennifer Ashley

Graham McNeil slammed his massive fist into the jaw of the attacking wolf just as his cell phone rang. He got the wolf into a headlock and tried to reach for the phone, but the wolf fought and clawed, drawing blood, its breath like sour acid. Graham’s Collar sparked heavy pain into his throat, while […]

Wild Things – Jennifer Ashley

Mason McNaughton jolted out of a sound sleep when several hundred pounds of enraged Feline landed on his chest and started to rip the hell out of him. Mason rolled out from under the deadly claws, shifting as he went. He came up in his half-wolf form, grabbed the Feline around the waist and threw […]

Wild Cat – Jennifer Ashley

Heights. Damn it, why does it have to be heights? Diego Escobar scanned the steel beams of the unfinished skyscraper against a gray morning sky, and acid seared his stomach. Heights had never bothered him until two years ago, when five meth-heads had hung him over the penthouse balcony of a thirty-story hotel and threatened […]

White Tiger – Jennifer Ashley

It was almost time. Addison Price slid the coffeepot back on the heater, unable to keep her eye from the clock. The diner closed at midnight. Every night at eleven fifty-five on the dot, he came in. Tonight, though, eleven fifty-five came and went. And eleven fifty-six, eleven fifty-seven. She’d have to close up. Bo, […]

Tiger Magic – Jennifer Ashley

No, no, no, no, not today. You can’t do this to me today!” But the car died anyway. It throbbed onto the shoulder of the empty highway, bucked twice, and gurgled to silence. “Aw, damn it.” Carly’s four-inch heels landed on the pavement, followed by tanned legs and a tight, white sheath dress. She glared […]

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