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A Lord Apart – Jane Ashford

A steeple clock chimed as Daniel Frith, Viscount Whitfield, walked into St. James’s Square in the heart of fashionable London. He was early, as he often tended to be, and that would not do for the odd dinner engagement that lay before him. So despite the filthy March weather, he slowed his brisk stride and […]

A Favor for the Prince – Jane Ashford

Lord Alan Gresham was icily, intolerably, dangerously bored. As he looked out over the animated, exceedingly fashionable crowd that filled the large reception room, his blue eyes glittered from under hooded lids. His mouth was a thin line. Revelers who glanced his way, curious about his very plain evening dress and solitary state, looked quickly […]

A Duke Too Far – Jane Ashford

He should never have eaten that eel pie, thought Peter Rathbone, Duke of Compton, as he strode along the London street toward St. James’s Square. It had tasted all right, but three hours later, his innards were uneasy. He put a hand to his midriff as he walked. Unfortunate that this should happen just now, […]

Earl on the Run – Jane Ashford

Jonathan Frederick Merrill, apparently the thrice-damned ninth Earl of Ferrington, known to himself and his old life as Jack, encountered the Travelers on the third day after he left London. They were ambling along the road he was walking, and he caught up with their straggle of horse-drawn caravans and swarm of children when the […]

The Duke Who Loved Me – Jane Ashford

Three days after he inherited the title Duke of Tereford, James Cantrell set off to visit the ducal town house just off London’s Berkeley Square. He walked from his rooms, as the distance was short and the April day pleasant. He hoped to make this first encounter cordially brief and be off riding before the […]

The Reluctant Rake – Jane Ashford

Sir Richard Beckwith emerged from his elegant town house on a chilly spring evening wearing a black silk domino over his dark gray pantaloons and long-tailed coat of dark blue superfine. Any one of his friends would have been astonished to see him in this guise, still more to see him out of evening dress […]

The Duke Knows Best – Jane Ashford

Lord Randolph Gresham attracted more than one admiring glance as he walked along Grosvenor Square toward Bond Street on a Tuesday morning. And indeed he felt unusually dapper. His dark-blue coat had arrived from the tailor only yesterday. His dovegray pantaloons outlined a muscular leg. His hat sat at a jaunty angle. He’d often been […]

Last Gentleman Standing – Jane Ashford

Mr. Julius Tilling, a very sober and correct middle-aged gentleman conservatively attired in black worsted, had only just been admitted to Elham House in Berkeley Square when he perceived a teacup hurtling through the air immediately in front of him. He stepped back hastily, jostling the young footman who had opened the door to his […]

How to Cross a Marquess – Jane Ashford

Roger Berwick, Marquess of Chatton, peered through the growing dusk at the passing London street. It did not look familiar. In fact, it appeared that his hack was headed east, into neighborhoods he’d never penetrated during any of his visits to the metropolis. He rapped on the ceiling of the cab with his cane. “Where […]

Earl to the Rescue – Jane Ashford

Gwendeline Gregory put her pen down on the elegant gilt-inlaid writing desk and looked up, frowning; she brushed at the crumbs of muffin she’d let fall on her new black gown and poured herself another cup of nearly cold tea. This was her last breakfast at Brooklands, and there was nothing to be done about […]

Brave New Earl – Jane Ashford

As Benjamin Romilly, the fifth Earl of Furness, walked down Regent Street toward Pall Mall, tendrils of icy fog beaded on his greatcoat and brushed his face like ghostly fingertips. The rawness of the March evening matched his mood—cheerless and bleak. He couldn’t wait to leave London and return to his Somerset home. He’d come […]

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