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A Wicked Duke to Her Rescue – Henrietta Harding

The night was dark and bloated with clouds, so heavy and dense that even the light of the full moon couldn’t penetrate their cover. All of Kent’s beautiful green grasses and wildflowers were cast in nearly impenetrable blackness. Everything was silent, save for the winds whispering of the coming rain. All decent folks had taken […]

A Duchess’ Sinful Secret – Henrietta Harding

Lady Bella Grey jumped guiltily, closing the wardrobe door, as her personal maid and companion Sarah walked into her chamber carrying a freshly laundered gown in her arms. Bella’s heart started beating erratically, backing towards the wardrobe, leaning heavily against the wardrobe door. Sarah stared at her, looking puzzled. “What are you doing, milady? I […]

A Dukes Skillful Seduction – Henrietta Harding

The dice rolled from ten-year-old Louis Wellington’s fingers just as they had almost a hundred times that morning. They fell into the dust at the centre of a small pebble circle landing on a five and a two. Against Brandon Walter’s three and three, it was an obvious win. Louis’ golden-haired friend slapped his thighs […]

Treating a Sinful Earl – Henrietta Harding

Lord Jasper Spranklin, Earl of Simmons, gazed around the populated ballroom, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow. It was stifling but this heat did not temper his enjoyment in the slightest. There were plenty of lovely ladies all around, wearing their shiny gossamer frocks, many with feathers in their hair, as was the […]

A Lady’s Wicked Revenge – Henrietta Harding

Bound by Blood The night was rent asunder with a cacophony of splintering wood, crunching metal, and terrified screams. Glass rained through the air like a thousand glittering daggers and the wail of dying horses mingled with all too human shrieks. “William!” That was the only word she could detect among the noise from her […]

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