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A Time To Dream – Ellie St. Clair

T he Internet contained more information than one could ever need, yet sometimes nothing at all that a person actually wanted. Bryan cursed as his search through web pages associated with Stonehaven once again came up empty. No mention of Emilia Guthrie, Professor of History. He ran a hand through his hair, realizing he should […]

Romance of a Robbery – Ellie St. Clair

A rie slowly eased himself down into his chair, curling his hands around the edges of the hand-carved scrolled arms as he surveyed the people before him. The people who were his family – chosen or subjected upon him. He gripped the Louis VI chair, which had been the first item of luxury he had […]

A Time to Love – Ellie St. Clair

“Bryan! Bryan? Where are you? I have the most amazing news!” Emilia shrugged off her coat and threw it over the stuffed armchair as she kicked shut the door of the apartment she shared with her boyfriend of eight years. She had picked up the phone to call him from the university, but had then […]

A Time to Wed – Ellie St. Clair

Jaime’s feet crunched over the gravel path that led to her rental cabin, smiling at the scent of woodsmoke that wafted from the chimney before her. The nights were cooling enough that curling up in front of the fireplace with a warm cup of tea sounded like the perfect end to the evening. After Chris […]

A Match Made at Christmas – Ellie St. Clair

L PROLOGUE ady Catherine Walsingham delicately stirred a touch of cream into her tea, the spoon clinking against the side of the cup. Mrs. Mary Northrup, currently sitting across from her on the Louis XV giltwood settee which matched the new Ridgway tea set — by design, not by accident — had already admired the […]

A Jewel for the Taking – Ellie St. Clair

London ~ 1808 I f there was an art that Juliet had perfected, it was that of distraction. Seeing her quarry near, she pushed away from the wall, her fingers playing with the necklace around her neck. The jewels weren’t real and neither was her current character. But that didn’t matter. She just had to […]

Duncan’s Christmas – Ellie St. Clair

London, 1855 “I despise this city.” Duncan McDougall folded his arms across his chest as he peered out the window into the inky London night. It was disconcerting, staring out onto the city beyond and seeing lights dotting his view every way he looked. Night was supposed to be lit by the moon and stars, […]

Writing the Rake – Ellie St. Clair

COME HERE.” “No!” she giggled as she ran just out of his grasp, along the path of the lush gardens that backed Wyndham House, a centerpiece of Mayfair. Alice and Benjamin had been playing this game for months — a back-and-forth that had started as a fun flirtation but was now becoming a slow smoldering […]

Merry Misrule – Ellie St. Clair

“You said he wouldn’t be here.” “I did.” Caroline cringed. “And I really didn’t think he would be… but he surprised us all. Mother was astonished.” Joanna nodded, attempting to keep her expression neutral. She knew she should be happy for her friend and pleased for her entire family. Lord Elijah had been gone for […]

Always Your Love – Ellie St. Clair

Hannah Blackburn needed a moment. A moment alone. A moment away from the crush of people. A moment away from Byron. She took a shaky breath, closing her eyes as she pressed her hand against her throat and leaned against the back of the door. As she began to restore her equilibrium, she opened her […]

A Touch of Temptation – Ellie St. Clair

Charlotte sighed as she stared dreamily at Abigail practically floating out of the small chapel. She was stunning today, it was true, in her pale-yellow gown with her hair intricately designed by Delilah, the duchess’ lady’s maid, but it was more than that. There was a glow about her. A glow of love that transformed […]

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