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A Marriage Made in Scandal – Elisa Braden

“Winter is also beautiful. One is wise to keep one’s distance, however, lest you catch your death.” —The Dowager Marchioness of Wallingham to Lady Berne in a prescient conversation about the Countess of Holstoke. January 7, 1797 Primvale Castle, Dorsetshire Hoarfrost, shaggy as an old man’s beard, coated the castle’s long drive. A gust made […]

A Kiss from a Rogue – Elisa Braden

“Be warned, sir: You have invoked an inexhaustible fire quenched only by the defeat of its enemies. I await your surrender with the greatest of anticipation.” —LADY DOROTHEA PENWORTH to Malcolm Charles Bainbridge, Earl Bainbridge, in a letter of scathing rebuke. September 11, 1814 Wiltshire, England SHE WAS FLOATİNG. Here, in a bedchamber swathed in […]

The Temptation of a Highlander – Elisa Braden

December 14, 1826 Ellery Hall Cambridgeshire, England “Dash!” Clarissa Meadows chided the velvety gray ball of fur sprawled belly-up across her writing desk. “You’ve had more than enough petting. Now, shoo.” A lazy feline tail twitched toward the inkwell. “Dash,” she warned. “Don’t you dare.” Waving tauntingly like a flag, the tail danced and gave […]

The Taming of a Highlander – Elisa Braden

“He dispatches forty men? All with his dirk?” Hazel eyes glinted with amusement as John Huxley scraped a lean hand across his mouth and jaw. “Are you … certain?” Kate Huxley paused in the middle of demonstrating the imagined maneuver—left hand on hip, right hand extended forward to deliver the killing thrust. She blinked at […]

When a Girl Loves an Earl – Elisa Braden

“Use your colossal head for more than hammering stone, boy. Must I think of everything?” —The Dowager Marchioness of Wallingham to the Earl of Tannenbrook in a moment of perplexity at said gentleman’s unyielding nature. June 4, 1802 Netherdunnie, Scotland “Yer heid be harder than that block, laddie,” grumbled Mr. McFadden, slumped and weathered against […]

The Truth About Cads and Dukes – Elisa Braden

“Humiliation is a sign either of poor judgment or poor timing. Or, in your case, both.” —The Dowager Marchioness of Wallingham to her nephew, upon his premature departure from Oxford for activities of a highly inappropriate nature. May 5, 1817 London Jane Huxley fervently hoped she had the correct address. To be caught with one’s […]

The Making of a Highlander – Elisa Braden

“Did you wear it betwixt yer bosoms, as I instructed?” Mrs. MacBean’s squint was an accusation of imbecility—one Annie Tulloch did not appreciate. Annie tossed the foul linen pouch on the old woman’s table. “I could tuck it betwixt the cheeks of my arse, ye daft crone, and the result would be the same. It […]

The Devil Is a Marquess – Elisa Braden

“Devils do not renounce their wickedness simply because they inherit a title. If that were so, Parliament would be forced to devote every session to such declarations, leaving no time at all for ruining the empire.” —The Dowager Marchioness of Wallingham to Lady Gattingford upon said lady’s musings about the scandalous new Marquess of Rutherford. […]

Ever Yours, Annabelle – Elisa Braden

“Children are like potted plants. They must be watered with wisdom from time to time, whether or not they consider themselves children or their elders wise.” —The Dowager Marchioness of Wallingham in a letter to the Marquis of Mortlock, answering said gentleman’s laments about his grandson’s resistance to sound advice. *~*~* Dearest Robert, Mama says […]

Desperately Seeking a Scoundrel – Elisa Braden

“Avoiding the discomforts and indignities of desperation requires cleverness. Sadly, no amount of pleading will increase your allowance of that coveted commodity.” —The Dowager Marchioness of Wallingham to her nephew upon receiving his request for an increase in funds. August 20, 1817 Keddlescombe, East Devonshire “He fancies you, Miss Battersby. When do you suppose you […]

Anything but a Gentleman – Elisa Braden

“If you must speak like a night soil man, at least choose one vulgar pattern rather than several. Your particular blend of London dockworker and Cumberland rustic may be comprehensible to lowborn ruf ians, but it tries the nerves of those with superior breeding.” —The Dowager Marchioness of Wallingham to Mr. Elijah Kilbrenner in a […]

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