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A Lady’s Perfect Match – Bridget Barton

Emelia Wells had known two things with certainty since she first stepped into her role as the social center of Northampton and wealthy daughter of a prosperous merchant—she loved parties, and parties hated her. What’s more, her family knew it as well. “It’s not that I have any desire to cast disparagement,” her younger sister, […]

A Courtship to Remember – Bridget Barton

Elizabeth’s hands glided over the instrument, her fingers feeling each key as though it were a further extension of her body. There wasn’t a pianoforte in all of England that was so lovingly caressed as this one, so doted upon by its mistress. Her closed eyes blocked out irrelevant stimuli, allowing her other senses to […]

A Duchess in Distress – Bridget Barton

Lady Octavia Lambert has a crucial problem; she is on her third season and yet to find a suitor. As her father wants to save her from a life of spinsterhood, he makes the decision to betroth her to the repulsive and much older Duke of Gillingham. What Octavia would never expect is that when […]

The Most Unpredicted Match – Bridget Barton

Tabitha Beauchamp’s life takes an unexpected turn when her older sister elopes with an officer, leaving behind a heartbroken groom and a looming scandal. Despite being young and unprepared for married life, Tabitha agrees to marry Jonathan for their families’ sake. Little did she know her bond with Jonathan would grow and she would soon […]

My Dearest Lieutenant Colonel – Bridget Barton

Lady Elspeth Finch-Hatton is a free spirit that could not care less about titles, birthrights and wealth. Even though she is soon to marry the Earl of Launceston, she knows that her heart will never beat for him, as it’s a marriage her mother has arranged by force. The only man who could possibly make […]

Confessions of Lady Tabitha – Bridget Barton

Lady Tabitha Browning dreams of meeting her one true love and having a blissful married life. When she meets Leo Whittier, the Marquess of Bazeley, she is flattered by his attention and charm, until she discovers the dark side of him… Tabitha feels devastated when her father announces that she is to marry this cold-hearted […]

An Earl’s Eternal Destiny – Bridget Barton

“You definitely cheated!” Lord Hector’s voice followed Henry as they climbed up the hill pass. Together they were riding, well, racing their horses across the track that cut across the green hills, past the cliff edges, and toward the next seaside town. “I am merely the finer rider,” Henry said in jest, looking over his […]

Tutoring A Lady’s Heart – Bridget Barton

Kittie Montague, the younger sister of Earl of Courtshire, wants nothing more in life than a chance to learn and get lost in the endless world of knowledge. Much to her brother’s dismay, she knows that she is different from other ladies and is therefore utterly bored of high society and her duties. When a […]

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