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A Marquess for Convenience – Bianca Blythe

The stars shimmered, the moon glowed, and Madeline’s heart tumbled downward as she inched from her hiding place. Not tonight. London had had the decency to be swathed in thick fog all week, yet this evening every object in the heavens seemed intent on emitting luminescent beams poets might rave about in iambic pentameter. The […]

A Kiss for the Marquess – Bianca Blythe

SOMEBODY WAS THROWING rocks against the castle wall. Hugh glowered and rose from his desk. The whole point of living in a castle was that people were supposed to be intimidated. He gave an apologetic smile to the portraits of his ancestors lining the library walls and marched toward the window. He shoved aside the […]

A Holiday Proposal – Bianca Blythe

DECEMBER 1819 The gray sky perpetually threatened more snow, more discomfort, more icy cold, and Tristan Lark, the seventh Earl of Burley, marched toward Highedge Hall. Frigid air slammed against him, and the few people who ventured outside returned hastily to the questionable comfort of their cottages. In the summer, wandering the Dales was a […]

The Duke Trap – Bianca Blythe

THE BİSHOP SPOKE, the guests prepared to applaud, and Leonora Holt tried to pretend that Sebastian, the Duke of Dartmouth, was not sitting in the third pew. Unfortunately, pretending was impossible, even from her vantage point beside her sister and minister. It would be easier if the duke weren’t so tall, and if his shoulders […]

You’ve Got an Earl – Bianca Blythe

Mrs. Feldman’s School for Remarkable Young Ladies RAİN PATTERED WİTH a ferocity it never did in Hampshire, slamming against the columns of the finishingschool as if determined to cover each and every flower. The large windowpanes became foggy, andSabrina brushed away the soft condensation drops with her handkerchief. In Hampshire Sabrina had never watched the […]

The Secret Life of a Debutante – Bianca Blythe

LORD CORNELİUS CHİCHESTER wandered through Lady Richmond’s ballroom, avoiding eye contact withthe row of chattering debutantes. “My dearest Viscount.” Lady Richmond lifted her voice effortlessly over the violins and cellos,equally unperturbed by the not always rhythmic thuds of guests as they leaped to a Scottish reel,landing on the glossy wooden floor. “You must dance.” Cornelius […]

Can’t Buy Me a Duke – Bianca Blythe

“LUCY ALICE BANKS,” Mama’s voice barreled through their Grosvenor Square townhouse, evidently unperturbed by the abundance of thick marble and the presence of startled servants. “Get down here! At once!” Lucy scurried from her room. Mama, Papa, and Isabella stood in the foyer. The crystals from the chandelier above made their clothes glimmer, an unnecessary […]

The Truth About Princesses and Dukes – Bianca Blythe

Laventhorpe Castle glimmered in the unusually bright sunshine. The gardeners had abandoned their coats, evidently deeming it unlikely that any young ladies or visitors of importance might wander in their direction. Geraniums and peonies flowered, their scarlet and pink colors made more striking by the gray stones of the castle. Old-fashioned battlements rose into the […]

The Duke Before Christmas – Bianca Blythe

PORTIA TATE DASHED through the foyer toward the steps leading to her bedroom, ignoring the butler’s disgruntled look. Cranston cleared his throat noisily. The sound thundered through the room, as if he were practicing for the stage. The butler had long ago mastered the art of gravitas and was always finding opportunities to showcase it. […]

How to Train a Viscount – Bianca Blythe

Had it been another day, Adam might have lingered on the veranda. He might have watched the sun shift from orange to red, and he might have sketched the animals. Giraffes and zebras sauntered along the horizon, and the rich land of the Boland was wide and wonderful and stretched before him. The world didn’t […]

Dukes Prefer Bluestockings – Bianca Blythe

Callum Montgomery, Duke of Vernon, had not always possessed a habit of perching on Lord McIntyre’s roof, but everything had changed since the incident. Before the incident, Callum had still been able to sleep. Before the incident, Callum’s parents had been alive. Callum might be only seven, but he knew parents should be alive. They […]

Don’t Tie the Knot – Bianca Blythe

WHEN THE BUTLER PLACED the day’s letters on the silver tray, Hamish didn’t hesitate to set aside his ruling pen and sort through the mail. He had been tardy once, and he’d spent the rest of his life making up for his onetime indulgence in laziness. No matter how responsible Hamish was now, he could […]

All You Need is a Duke – Bianca Blythe

JUNE 1820 London The first rule of being a wallflower was to acquire a superb seat. Margaret Carberry, daughter of the Scottish tycoon of the same surname and relation of absolutely no aristocrats, was no longer a novice at attending balls: her mother accepted every invitation. Margaret strode toward the quietest section of the ballroom, […]

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