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A Question for the Ages – Angeline Fortin

Victoria Square London, England December 1892 One would think it was a time of merriment in Victoria Square. Her mother’s laughter rang throughout the townhouse with none of the pomposity it normally projected in social occasions. Tonight, it tinkled like the crystal flutes being tapped together in repeated toasts and was as effervescent as the […]

A Laird to Hold – Angeline Fortin

Inverness, Scotland October 2013 “And in other news, shocking photos have emerged of actress Scarlett Thomas being escorted out of Dunskirk Castle earlier today by three unidentified men and a woman. Speculation has run amok since Thomas’s mysterious disappearance during her last public appearance at the dedication of the Dunskirk Castle historical site in August. […]

A Question Worth Asking – Angeline Fortin

If love made the world go round, it was circling the ballroom with dizzying regularity. James MacKintosh settled his hips back against the stone balustrade edging the terrace outside the open ballroom doors. Studying the scene over the rim of his tumbler, he took a healthy swallow rather than the appreciative sip the fine Scotch […]

A Scot Worth Having – Angeline Fortin

“He’s coming here?” Cailin MacLeod dropped the towel he’d been using to wipe blood and grime off his face and stared at his uncle in disbelief. “Here to Gortlick? Now? We are to gather at Ruthven in Badenoch two days hence for a general review. The coward ordered as much as he fled the battlefield.” […]

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