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A Guiding Light for the Lost Earl – Abby Ayles

Emma scrambled through the mess of paperwork atop her worn, faded desk. She knew that her eyes must be deceiving her, and she searched frantically for something, a single document or receipt that would prove it so. “Would that I had not let everything become so haphazard and disheveled,” she muttered to herself. She looked […]

A Broken Heart’s Redemption – Abby Ayles

Lucy peered through the slightly open doorway and rolled her eyes. The young man was probably around her age, wearing very expensive clothes that neither fit nor flattered him properly. He stood with his right shoulder slouched and fiddled with a bookmark. She continued to hesitate, watching his actions, wondering whether she even should bother […]

The Secret of a Lady’s Heart – Abby Ayles

Anna Morrison sighed as she stepped out of the carriage that had stopped at the end of the short lane leading to her home. Turning, she gave a slight smile of gratitude towards the coachman as her eighteen-year-old sister, Matilda, stepped out of the carriage behind her. The coachman tipped his hat at her, and […]

The Lady’s Right Option – Abby Ayles

Leticia Crampton couldn’t decide if she was more exhausted or excited. As it turned out, she had recently discovered that she had the tendency to get very seasick when travelling over the ocean. So, as much as she had loved growing up in America, and as much as she wanted to see it again someday, […]

A Tale of two Sisters – Abby Ayles

Constance held up the long pale blue dress to her body, noting how well it would fit, and did a quick spin in the mirror, watching as the blue silk rippled around her. It was a beautiful dress indeed, made especially for Lady Rosedale’s ball. Constance could barely contain her excitement, constantly fidgeting and wandering […]

What the Governess is Hiding – Abby Ayles

Six-year-old Ailsa Johnson held on to her governess’s hand tight as the world burned down around her. Her four-year-old sister Davina was in Miss Kathy’s other arm, cradled against her side like a baby. The younger girl was screaming and crying wildly. Ailsa wished she were a baby, or at least a bit younger, so […]

Reforming the Rigid Duke – Abby Ayles

“Marjorie? Marjorie, where are you?” Peeking her head out from behind the rose hedges where she was hiding, Marjorie Reeves grinned at her young cousin, Susan Langdon. “I’m here, darling!” she called, waving her cousin over to her hiding spot. Susan furrowed her pretty brown eyes as she hurried around the hedge. “What in the […]

The Lady’s Gamble – Abby Ayles

Regina Hartfield concentrated on her stitches. Elizabeth was banging away at the pianoforte just one room over. It was threatening to disturb her calm. She did feel rather bad. It wasn’t Elizabeth’s fault she couldn’t play well. And she wasn’t trying to disturb anybody. But every time it gave her such a headache. “Elizabeth!” Natalie […]

The Lady, The Duke and The Gentleman – Abby Ayles

Mary and Duke Haskett’s wedding was a sight to behold. The rich scent of early autumn roses, the joyful bridesmaids’ dresses, the delectable food, the fine music, and, of course, the handsome groom and the beautiful bride and they embarked on a journey of self-discovery and family together. It was enough to make Antoinette’s heart […]

The Lady of the Lighthouse – Abby Ayles

At five-and-twenty, though he was of ordinary height and had never mastered the art of growing a beard, Oliver Evans perceived himself as a rather adult figure. As his only points of comparison were his father and his step-mother, this was not a difficult conclusion at which to arrive. Neither of them knew the meaning […]

The Lady in the Gilded Cage – Abby Ayles

A great expanse of mahogany desk stretched between young Cecilia Prescott and the solicitor rifling through her father’s old papers. As he looked up and met her gaze, she felt an even greater distance there in his eyes. He was trying to tell her and her mother something, and it was something he didn’t think […]

The Earl Behind the Mask – Abby Ayles

Rose Danvers sat in her father’s library, her feet tucked delicately beneath her and a book in her lap. The room was full of lavish furniture and rich décor, but the grandeur of the room was lost to Rose in that moment as she wandered pages of brave, independent heroines and the romantic, strong, kind […]

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