A Rogue for a Lady – Rose Pearson

Are you quite ready?” Amelia Seaworth, first daughter to the Duke of Westbrook, looked at herself in the mirror. She barely recognized her own reflection, taking in the beautiful dress she was wearing and the glow of happiness in her eyes. “Yes,” she murmured, rising to her feet. “Yes, I believe I am ready.” Harmonia, […]

A Rogue by Night – Kelly Bowen

Dover, England, 1820 The bullet wound, as far as bullet wounds went, was not dreadful. The bullet had caught her patient at the top of the shoulder, punching a messy hole in flesh and muscle, but not shattering bone. The icy cold of the sea had slowed the bleeding and the fact that he had […]

A Rogue at the Highland Court – Celeste Barclay

The crunch of frost echoed in Stirling Castle’s royal gardens as Allyson Elliot trudged along with the other ladies-in-waiting, enduring another one of the queen’s morning strolls through the struggling blossoms. It was mid-March, and spring had arrived for their neighbors to the south, but Mother Nature seemed to have forgotten that Stirling wasn’t truly […]

A Return of Devotion – Kristi Ann Hunter

MARLBOROUGH, ENGLAND 1816 She should have been prepared. After all, she’d had two months to imagine this moment, to brace herself for someone new to enter her life. In truth, she’d done little else besides imagine all the possible scenarios, each one worse than the last. But she hadn’t imagined this. Daphne Blakemoor stared at […]

A Reluctant Bride – Jess Michaels

Summer 1812 homasina Shelley stood at the sideboard, plate balanced on her hand, watching the man standing across the parlor by the fireplace. The Earl of Harcourt. She stared, as she always did when the man was in the room. How could one not? He was tall, with a lean strength and a graceful way […]

A Redeeming Love in the West – Ava Winters

London, March 1888 The swirl of gowns, as young women were twirled around the richly decorated ballroom of the Duke of Devonshire’s mansion, could barely be heard above the waltz being played. Nelly has a headache and was not one of the women dancing. Instead, Eleanor Nelly Worthington sat in the corner, hiding from her […]

A Reckless Runaway – Jess Michaels

It should have been the happiest time in Anne Shelley’s life. That was what everyone around her said, from her maid to her friends to her sisters. The happiest time, for she was just one month from her wedding to an earl. And not even one of the older earls who circulated through parties and […]

A Reckless Redemption – Laura Trentham

Cragian, Scotland. Winter 1813 rynmore McCann entered the stables with her head down and her thoughts on the evening’s work. Nerves and dread took up too much room in her body. The biscuits she’d choked down for appearance’s sake at tea attempted to claw their way out. Chuffs and the restless shuffling of hooves registered […]

A Raven’s Heart – K. C. Bateman

ENGLAND, JUNE 1816 “I’m a spy, not a bloody nursemaid!” William de l’Isle, Viscount Ravenwood, glared across the desk at his mentor, Lord Castlereagh. The older man shook his head, supremely unmoved by his outburst. “Miss Hampden needs immediate protection. Someone’s targeting my code breakers and whoever killed Edward could also have discovered her identity. […]

A Rational Proposal – Jan Jones

Kennet End, Newmarket, October 1817 Miss Verity Bowman, undoubtedly by design, was looking particularly fetching, framed in the window seat of the dower house wearing a demure black mourning gown. Only the cut of the material and the subtle sheen of the satin and perhaps the double row of tiny black buttons gave away the […]

A Rake’s Ruin – Maggie Dallen

Claire Cleveland watched from the upstairs balcony as the guests clustered on the dancefloor below. Everyone was here, it seemed, either to revel with the Earl of Davenport and his new bride at their newfound wedded bliss or to gawk at the reformed rake and his scandalous wife. The scandalous wife in question was Claire’s […]

A Rake’s Revenge – Cynthia Breeding

Caroline Nash breathed a sigh of relief as the carriage door closed and allowed herself to slump against the leather squab in a completely unladylike manner. Shylock, the play at Theatre Royal with the popular actor, Edmund Kean, had been entertaining. The company in her theatre box had not. She breathed another sigh as the […]

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