Category: Christmas

Yule-Tide Yarns – G. A. Henty

THE Alert, a handsome schooner of some 200 tons burden, was in April 1793 cruising along the southern shore of France. She had been captured a fortnight before by his Majesty’s frigate Tartar, a week after the declaration of war between France and England. As she was a very fast vessel, the captain of the […]

Yule Logs; Longmans Christmas Annual for 1898 – G. A. Henty

It was a grand success. Every one said so; and moreover, every one who witnessed the experiment predicted that the Mermaid would revolutionize naval warfare as completely as did the worldfamous Monitor. Professor Rivers, who had devoted the best years of his life to perfecting his wonderful invention, struggling bravely on through innumerable disappointments and […]

Two Christmas Celebrations – Theodore Parker

Two Christmas Celebrations. A great many years ago, Augustus Caesar, then Emperor of Rome, ordered his mighty realm to be taxed; and so, in Judea, it is said, men went to the towns where their families belonged, to be registered for assessment. From Nazareth, a little town in the north of Judea, to Bethlehem, another […]

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