Category: Suspense/Thriller

The Cheerleaders – Kara Thomas

This house was made for someone without a soul. So I guess it makes sense that my mother wanted it so badly. I can imagine how her eyes lit up when she walked through the five-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath new construction. I’ll bet she thinks this house is the answer to what’s wrong with us. When Tom, […]

The Chain – Adrian McKinty

She’s sitting at the bus stop checking the likes on her Instagram feed and doesn’t even notice the man with the gun until he’s almost next to her. She could have dropped her school bag and run across the marshes. She’s a nimble thirteen-yearold and she knows all the swamps and quicksands of Plum Island. […]

The Burglar – Thomas Perry

A young blond woman ran along a quiet tree-lined Bel-Air street at dusk. She kept her head up and her steps even and strong. The street was in the ɻat part of Bel-Air just north of Sunset, a neighborhood with big old houses built as mansions by movie and television people in the 1950s and […]

The Boy in the Window – Ditter Kellen

“Are you still not sleeping?” Jessica Nobles shook her head numbly and lifted her gaze to Dr. Knox. “The dreams keep me up at night. Even with medication, I wake up terrified.” Her husband Owen reached for her hand, but she pulled away, her attention focused on the doctor. “With every dream I have, Jacob’s […]

The Boy from the Woods – Harlan Coben

How does she survive? How does she manage to get through this torment every single day? Day after day. Week after week. Year after year. She sits in the school assembly hall, her eyes fixed, unseeing, unblinking. Her face is stone, a mask. She doesn’t look left or right. She doesn’t move at all. She […]

The Boy – Tami Hoag

She ran down the gravel road, struggling, stumbling. Her breath sawed in and out of her lungs, ragged and hot; painful, like serrated knives plunging into and pulling out of her chest. The night air was too thick, too heavy. She thought she might drown in it. Her legs wobbled beneath her like rubber, heavy […]

The Bourbon Thief – Tiffany Reisz

There wasn’t much in the world Cooper McQueen cared about more than a good bourbon. In his forty-five years, not one single beautiful woman had managed to persuade him to set down his drink and leave it down. But when the woman in the red dress walked into his bar—a gift from the gods tied […]

The Bones She Buried – Lisa Regan

The screams followed her, echoing all around her as she sprinted along the ridge and fled into the darkness, her feet scrabbling over the brush and loose stones. To her right was a sheer drop, hundreds of feet down. She didn’t know just how far, but she knew the fall would be enough to kill […]

The Bomb Maker – Thomas Perry

The maker’s ɹngers were nimble and certain, never trembling or touching any object or surface without intention. His hands were sure because he had designed the parts to be assembled in a precise order. A bomb was a simple machine. Its only moving part was a switch to complete the circuit running from the power […]

The Blackthorn Key – Kevin Sands

“LET’S BUILD A CANNON, ” I said. Tom wasn’t listening. He was deep in concentration, tongue pinched between his teeth, as he steeled himself for combat with the stuffed black bear that ruled the front corner of my master’s shop. Tom stripped off his linen shirt and flung it heroically across the antimony cups gleaming […]

The Bitterroots – C.J. Box

The Crazy Mountains were on fire and Cassie Dewell sat alone in her car at night on McLeod Street across from the Grand Hotel in Big Timber, Montana, looking for a twenty-four-year-old reprobate known as Antlerhead. That’s when the call she’d been dreading came on her cell phone. It was from Rachel Mitchell, the primary […]

The Bishop’s Pawn – Steve Berry

With no signature. But I knew who had sent it. A few night-lights burn here and there in the darkened ground-floor rooms. Years ago, when I’d lived in Atlanta working for the Magellan Billet, I’d visited here one Sunday afternoon with Pam and Gary, a rare family outing of mother, father, and son. We’d taken […]

The Birthday Girl – Sue Fortin

Friendships are made up of all the little things that matter, the common ground of lives, shared interests, loves, dislikes, the highs and the lows. They matter and they are matter. Like stars in the night sky, friends can light up the darkness. Sometimes we might forget they are there and yet know they will […]

The Better Sister – Alafair Burke

I betrayed my sister while standing on the main stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a beaded Versace gown (borrowed) and five-inch stiletto heels (never worn again). At the time, I never could have scored an invitation—or been able to afford a ticket—to the Met Gala in my own right. I was the […]

The Best Friend – Shalini Boland

It’s him again. And I’m pretty sure he’s following me. I mean, I can’t be a hundred per cent sure, but I’ve seen him here three times already this week, and he was there at the corner shop on Monday, and yesterday at the garage. ‘Mummy,’ Joe says, tugging on my arm. ‘Mrs Landry said […]

The Babysitter – Sheryl Browne

Oblivious to the slimy, wet mud oozing between her toes, Grace took a faltering step backwards, away from the house. Her huge cognac-coloured eyes illuminated by the light of the fire, she watched, mesmerised and helpless, as the flames licked hungrily at her parents’ bedroom curtains. She’d tried to tell them what happened to Ellie […]

The Au Pair – Emma Rous

We have no photographs of our early days, Danny and I. A six-month gap yawns in the Mayes family album after we were born. No first-day-at-school pictures for Edwin, no means of telling which of us two looked more like him at the beginning. An empty double page marks the overwhelming grief that followed our […]

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