Category: Romantic Suspense

Zero Visibility – Mary Alford

Widespread chaos unfolded before Ben Parker’s eyes. The attacks had been well planned and calculated to take out heavily populated locations. To create mayhem. Legion had followed through with their threats in a way no one anticipated. Bombs detonated across the US and other parts of the world. Utter shock showed on the faces of […]

Zero Hour – Desiree Holt

TO REPEAT, we are saddened to bring you the news that well-known hedge fund manager Frank Vanetti was shot and killed by an unknown assailant late last night.” Two men sat in the big room in matching leather armchairs, each holding a crystal glass of whiskey, staring at the television set. They focused on the […]

You Will Suffer – Alexandra Ivy

Once there was a time when the solid brick building on the corner of Main Street and First Street had been the proud headquarters of the local Masonic Lodge. The men of means and stature in the community would gather behind locked doors and discuss their secret business. In other words, they shared the latest […]

You Had Me at Wolf – Terry Spear

No one on Warrant Officer Nicole Grayson’s special agent team had a clue what she was —a gray wolf shifter, or lupus garou—or that she had a decided advantage in locating criminals: her sense of smell. Not that she could use that in a court of law, since humans didn’t know shifters existed. She loved […]

Wyatt’s War – Elle James

Sergeant Major Wyatt Magnus pushed past the pain in his knee, forcing himself to finish a three-mile run in the sticky heat of south Texas. Thankfully his ribs had healed and his broken fingers had mended enough he could pull the trigger again. He didn’t anticipate needing to use the nine-millimeter Beretta tucked beneath his […]

Wreckless Intentions – K. Marie

Moscow…two weeks earlier ho put the Boy Band back together?” Sergei cracked, as soon as I’d stepped off the plane at Vnukovo Airport. I was followed by Viktor and five more of my men, hence the Boy Band joke. “I thought you’d be in a wheelchair by now, those old decrepit bones still holding you […]

Worth the Risk – Velvet Vaughn

Vanessa Lacroix never dreamed she’d grow up to be a criminal. Her ambition from the time she could talk was to take care of animals. A military brat, she’d moved frequently with her family throughout her childhood. It was hard for her to make friends, only to leave them when they inevitably uprooted again. She […]

Wolf Untamed – Paige Tyler

Officer Diego Miguel Martinez strapped the breaching ram into place along the inside wall of the Dallas PD SWAT operations truck, then stepped out into the torrential downpour, cursing as what felt like a frigging bucketful of freezing-cold rain found its way down the back of his coat. As much as he despised the long […]

Wolf Under Fire – Paige Tyler

Jestina Ridley moved through the dark, dirty alley, careful to avoid the broken glass and occasional uncapped syringe, praying something useful would come out of this little visit to the seedier side of Stockwell. But after sidestepping one especially wet and smelly patch of asphalt, she rephrased that thought, deciding this particular part of southwest […]

Wolf Rebel – Paige Tyler

“Suspicious activity reported near the south end of Forest Lake Memorial.” Officer Rachel Bennett knew the police dispatcher was going to ask her to check it out before the guy called out the number of her patrol car. Why? Because she was just lucky that way. Cursing under her breath, she flipped on her lights, […]

Wolf Instinct – Paige Tyler

“We have to keep moving, or they’re going to cut off our escape route!” Even though the city around them was coming apart at the seams from the explosions and automatic weapons fire, somehow Corporal Zane Kendrick still heard Lance Corporal Oliver Shipley’s warning. But while he’d heard it, there was nothing he could do. […]

Witness Security Breach – Juno Rushdan

The next four words to leave his mouth would obliterate a life. Four words every US marshal hated saying. Four words every person in the witness security program dreaded hearing. “You’re in imminent danger,” Aiden Yazzie said, closing the last set of kitchen blinds, muting the bright April sun. He turned and met Eugene Potter’s […]

Without a Trace – Velvet Vaughn

“Come on, Hollister, quit slacking. Give me ten more push-ups.” Wyatt Hollister gritted his teeth, his arms shaking from exertion as he slowly lowered his body to the mat. Usually fifty push-ups weren’t a problem. Hell, he could’ve ripped off a hundred without breaking a sweat. That was BTB. Before the bomb. A couple of […]

Wishing Well – Lily White

They are far too bleak, these places with their metal bars and razor wire, these holes where doomed men are tossed, awaiting the day when their numbers would be pulled and they would be walked down long halls to a room that would forever remember their last breath. Even the sun couldn’t penetrate the low […]

Wired – Julie Garwood

A five-minute clip on the evening news turned Allison Trent into a full-blown criminal. She had wiggled across the line many times before, but she’d never done anything so bold or blatant. Within a couple of years she had accumulated more than eighty million dollars. On paper that would have made her a titan. In […]

William 874X – Donna McDonald

IT’S NOT TOO LATE, Meara. You can still change your mind. Let them get one of the guys to do this.” “One of the guys is already doing this. Ya know Kyra’s upgrading William Talon while Nero’s doing me.” Meara snorted and glared. “I have to admit that ya’ve surprised me, Lucy. I figured I’d […]

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