Category: Romance

Zane Grey – The Heritage of the Desert

“BUT the man’s almost dead.” The words stung John Hare’s fainting spirit into life. He opened his eyes. The desert still stretched before him, the appalling thing that had overpowered him with its deceiving purple distance. Near by stood a sombre group of men. “Leave him here,” said one, addressing a gray-bearded giant. “He’s the […]

Zane Grey – The Call of the Canyon

What subtle strange message had come to her out of the West? Carley Burch laid the letter in her lap and gazed dreamily through the window. It was a day typical of early April in New York, rather cold and gray, with steely sunlight. Spring breathed in the air, but the women passing along Fifty-seventh […]

Zane Grey – The Border Legion

Joan Randle reined in her horse on the crest of the cedar ridge, and with remorse and dread beginning to knock at her heart she gazed before her at the wild and looming mountain range. “Jim wasn’t fooling me,” she said. “He meant it. He’s going straight for the border … Oh, why did I […]

Zane Grey – Desert Gold

A FACE haunted Cameron—a woman’s face. It was there in the white heart of the dying campfire; it hung in the shadows that hovered over the flickering light; it drifted in the darkness beyond. This hour, when the day had closed and the lonely desert night set in with its dead silence, was one in […]

William Shakespeare – Cymbeline

SCENE I. Britain. The garden of Cymbeline’s palace. Enter two Gentlemen First Gentleman You do not meet a man but frowns: our bloods No more obey the heavens than our courtiers Still seem as does the king. Second Gentleman But what’s the matter? First Gentleman His daughter, and the heir of’s kingdom, whom He purposed […]

William Dana Orcutt – The Spell

“Now, Jack, here is a chance to put your knowledge of the classics to some practical use.” Helen Armstrong paused for a moment before a Latin inscription cut in the upper stones of the boundary wall, and leaned gratefully upon her companion’s arm after the steep ascent. “What does it mean?” Her husband smiled. “That […]

Thomas Hardy – The Woodlanders

The rambler who, for old association or other reasons, should trace the forsaken coach-road running almost in a meridional line from Bristol to the south shore of England, would find himself during the latter half of his journey in the vicinity of some extensive woodlands, interspersed with appleorchards. Here the trees, timber or fruit-bearing, as […]

Thomas Hardy – Far from the Madding Crowd

When Farmer Oak smiled, the corners of his mouth spread till they were within an unimportant distance of his ears, his eyes were reduced to chinks, and diverging wrinkles appeared round them, extending upon his countenance like the rays in a rudimentary sketch of the rising sun. His Christian name was Gabriel, and on working […]

Thomas Hardy – A Pair of Blue Eyes

‘A fair vestal, throned in the west’ Elfride Swancourt was a girl whose emotions lay very near the surface. Their nature more precisely, and as modified by the creeping hours of time, was known only to those who watched the circumstances of her history. Personally, she was the combination of very interesting particulars, whose rarity, […]

Thomas Hardy – A Laodicean a Story of To-day

The sun blazed down and down, till it was within half-an-hour of its setting; but the sketcher still lingered at his occupation of measuring and copying the chevroned doorway—a bold and quaint example of a transitional style of architecture, which formed the tower entrance to an English village church. The graveyard being quite open on […]

Theodore Dreiser – Jennie Gerhardt

One morning, in the fall of 1880, a middle-aged woman, accompanied by a young girl of eighteen, presented herself at the clerk’s desk of the principal hotel in Columbus, Ohio, and made inquiry as to whether there was anything about the place that she could do. She was of a helpless, fleshy build, with a […]

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