Category: Fantasy Romance

Yuletide Revelry – Graceley Knox

“If you touch that cookie, you will lose a hand.” I growl the words at Kirin, my hangry mood worse than usual due to the small being growing in the vicinity of my bladder. “You’ve already had five of them, Ev!” “I don’t care if I’ve had seventy of them, you little thief. I’m preggers. […]

Wraith – Sylvia Mercedes

A chilling sensation stirred across the deeper reaches of her unconscious. At first it was hardly noticeable—the barest whisper, a shiver—and she was so deeply asleep that she could easily dismiss it. But the sensation intensified by the moment, drawing her unwillingly toward wakefulness. Boggarts blast it! She wasn’t ready to wake up yet. Turning […]

Winter’s Passage – Julie Kagawa

In the shadows of the cave, I watched the Hunter approach. Silhouetted black against the snow, it stalked closer, eyes a yellow flame in the shadows, breath coiling around it like wraiths. Ice-blue light glinted off wet teeth and a thick shaggy pelt, darker than midnight. Ash stood between the Hunter and me, sword unsheathed, […]

Winter’s War – G. Bailey

Wake her up, wake her up, new king. For the crown will fall, the crown will fall. The crown will fall . . . . The shaking of the ground wakes me up from my deep sleep and the strange dream. I can’t remember anything other than words about waking someone up and the child-like […]

Winter Reign – M. J. Stark

My name is Nevena of Ethore. It is my lot to be a servant girl and to never have known of my people or my ancestry. I serve the House of Gaelbreth, comprised of Lord Jacob, Lady Katrina, and their daughters Thea and Delirah; a noble and kind family. I live and work in the […]

Wildest Dreams – Kristen Ashley

“You are sure?” Valentine asked in her soft, throaty, sing-song New Orleans accented voice. I nodded. I was sure. Heck yeah, I was sure. I could not wait. “Finnie,” my friend Claudia hissed from my side and I looked from Valentine to Claudia to see Claudia looked pale and alarmed. “This is crazy,” she went […]

Wayfarer’s Keep – T. A. White

Pain blossomed along Shea’s left side. She sucked in a sharp breath and gritted her teeth. She could already tell from the throbbing that a bruise was forming. The person responsible for the blow watched her expressionlessly as he dipped the tip of the short wooden staff toward the ground. From the sidelines an irate […]

Warsworn – Elizabeth Vaughan

“Bloodmoss! That’s bloodmoss, Marcus!” I leaned over, trying to get a better look. I was positive that the grubby little plant I was seeing passing under the hooves of the horse was the rare herb. “Let me down!” The horse we were riding danced as my weight shifted and Marcus tightened up the reins. “If […]

Warsong – Elizabeth Vaughan

“Is this your first birthing since joining my camp?” Haya looked up at Elder Thea Olana with a nod as she dried her hands. “Yes, Elder.” The warmth of the birthing tent surrounded them as the others tended the mother, gathering close to acknowledge the life-bearer’s pain. “Then take this,” Olana gestured with the newborn […]

Warrior’s Lady – Amanda Ashley

Spread-eagled on the iron-bound table, he tugged against the thick leather straps that bound his wrists and ankles, writhing helplessly in an agony of blood and bruised flesh. Weeping, cursing, he fell back, his eyes closing beneath the heavy black hood that covered his head and neck like a shroud. The material, created by an […]

Warprize – Elizabeth Vaughan

I pulled the shard out just as his wound began spurting blood. “Goddess, no.” I dropped the knife, pressed my hands against his stomach, into the blood, and threw my full weight onto the wound. Biting my lip, I pressed harder still, desperate to stop the bleeding. “Hold him, boys.” The apprentices gathered around the […]

Warlord – Elizabeth Vaughan

I was terrified. I shifted my sweaty grip on the handle of my sword, and watched my attacker’s eyes. “Watch their eyes,” they’d told me. “The eyes will tell you their next move.” I stared intently at him, but his eyes told me nothing. My left arm was trembling from the weight of my shield. […]

War Bound – Tara Grayce

DEAD TROLLS haunted Essie’s nightmares. She struggled to drag herself from the images of dead bodies and blood and battle. A nightmare. Just another nightmare. A hand shook her shoulder, gently, pulling her all the way awake. “Essie.” She rolled onto her back, blinking up at him. “Did I wake you?” “No.” Farrendel, her elf […]

War – Laura Thalassa

THE DAY STARTS off like most others. With a nightmare. The explosion roars through my ears, the force of it knocking me into the water. Darkness. Nothing. Then— I gasp in a breath. There’s water and fire and … and … and God the pain—the pain, the pain, the pain. The sharp bite of it […]

Waking Eden – Rhenna Morgan

T rinity Blair’s sweaty palm slipped on the steering wheel as she pulled into the parking lot of Plush and nearly took out a businessman fresh from the boardroom. God, what a nightmare. Fancy cars, bright lights, and shoulder-to-shoulder people decked out for prime time. Clearly, she’d lost her mind agreeing to her girlfriends’ latest […]

Verik’s Price – Leann Ryans

Verik gazed out over the plains below him. Raider and his warriors were riding up the hill he sat on, slowed to the pace of the burdened wagons. A rush of adrenaline coursed through him as the wind changed direction and he caught the scent of omegas. They may not have been the reason for […]

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