Category: Dark

Wrenched – Emma James

I’m Dallas ‘Edge’ Masson, the Soulless Bastards MC’s enforcer. I’m a killer, and I’m fucking good at it. I make no bones about that. If you are on my radar, or the Soulless Bastards’, then you’d better start praying. Don’t get me wrong—I’m not hard to get along with. I’m a fair man. I can […]

Worship – Lydia Goodfellow

Fair Haven City. Hell on Earth. A maggot-infested shell of depravity and a jungle of tall, cutthroat buildings shaded in black. As I breathe in, a phantom stench of fumes lingers beneath my nose, despite being in a room fragrant with flowers. As if the bitterness lacing my tongue and grit clinging to my skin […]

With Ties that Bind #3 – Trisha Wolfe

Focus. Concentrate. Ignore everything else.” Quinn repositions the black punching pad before me, his gaze unwavering. “Use the pain. Channel it.” I want to roll my eyes. Instead, I drive a swollen, wrapped fist into the pad. “You sound like an after school special. Yes, sir, Mr. Miyagi, sir.” My fist sticks the pad again, […]

With Love – Liz Lovelock

When your life flashes before your eyes, what do you expect to see? Joyful memories of your childhood. The love of your life. Friends who mean the world to you. But when all you see is the man in the mask, it pushes you on. There are no memories of friends or family, just the […]

White Out – A. A. Dark

I once thought that losing love was the most heart-wrenching thing a person could experience. The longing, the ache of what might have been …the unanswered questions. What made life worth living if not love? What did we fight for if not for the person who made us complete? The answers were easy: hatred, revenge […]

Whispers and the Roars – K. Webster

The sick stench of stale cigarettes and cheap beer lingers in the air. I can always tell when he’s been by looking for me. Clues are scattered about the house—as if he leaves them on purpose. To taunt and fuck with me. A half-empty pack of cigs. A tipped, dripping can of Budweiser crushed and […]

When the Dark Wins – Jennifer Bene

Is the girl situated?” Glancing up from his phone, Anthony caught the flush in Marcus’ cheeks. It was either arousal or simple exertion — he’d always had trouble telling the two apart — but it didn’t matter. He didn’t care what his brother was feeling or not feeling. “Yeah, she’s in there.” “Secured?” he asked, […]

Ward – Zoe Blake

I might be losing my mind. I couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t anymore. All I knew was if I didn’t escape now, I would truly go mad. * * * I strained to listen for any sound of movement, but all I could hear was the rush of blood in my ears. […]

Wake – D. S. Wrights

“Anna, don’t be scared, I got you.” Sam’s voice promises me, soothingly, and it is the only voice I know I can trust. It is far beyond midnight. By now all members of the Church of the Second Reckoning should be asleep. That is, apart from Sam and me. Just a few hours earlier, Sam’s […]

Volatile Obsessions – Dee Garcia

It all happened so fast, I didn’t have time to process what was happening, much less react. Roman’s little hussies, however, were very much reacting behind us. They weren’t happy, and he didn’t seem to give a single fuck. “But Rome, what about—” Slam! The harsh sound echoed through the office, rattling the walls and […]

Violent Obscurity – Megan D. Martin

I blinked. A relief, right? If I didn’t blink my eyes would dry out. Their corneal surface would become irritated. Debris would get inside them. The pain would be terrible, unbearable. The desire to blink would be horrendous. It would eat away at me until I gave in, which wouldn’t be long. But if my […]

Vicious Prince – Lili St. Germain

Joshua Grayson is sitting in my father’s office, discussing a business deal as if today is any other day. But it’s not any other day. It’s THE day. And everyone is acting like it’s not. Just moments ago, I watched him glide out of the Capulet Corporation’s private elevator reserved only for family members. Perhaps […]

Venom – Dee Garcia

Watching Tinksley has become one of my favorite things. She’s a wicked little creature, that one. And she doesn’t even know it; a heady combination of innocent and sexy. Poised. Demur. Yet there’s such sass on her, too—a wild, mischievous side she can barely contain. I would love nothing more than the chance to tame […]

Unsettled – A. J. Wolf

My fingertips brush along my little butterfly’s jaw, moving across her cheekbone to tuck a stray piece of buttery gold hair behind her ear. Pink flushes her cheeks as she lowers her emerald gaze to the red solo cup clutched in her hand, her fingers crinkling the middle with little divots. It’s obvious she doesn’t […]

Tyrant – T. M. Frazier

THE AVERAGE TİME spent between incarcerations for a career criminal is six months. I’d only been out three. I’d expected to find Max in that car. Instead, cold metal clinked around my wrists, and the asshole pig had the audacity to laugh when he tightened the cuffs to the point of pain. I didn’t wince, […]

Twisted Together – Pepper Winters

The blackness tried to swallow us whole, kill us, ruin us, capture our soul “I’m not marrying you for the pleasure of calling you my wife, esclave. I’m not marrying you because it’s the evolution of a relationship. I’m marrying you so I have claim on you forever. Your soul will be mine for eternity. […]

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