Rog Phillips – Unthinkable

DR. NALE HARGRAVE tossed his spotless grey hat expertly across the six feet of space between him and the coat tree, humming the while a currently popular tune whose only words he could remember were “Feemo fimo fujo, the flumy fwam to fwojo.” His eyes rested self-congratulatingly on the hat after it came to a […]

Stealth – Stuart Woods

Stone Barrington woke earlier than he should have and was, for a moment, disoriented. Sunlight was streaming through a two-inch gap in the drawn curtains of the room, and he never slept with curtains drawn. Except in England. He sat up in bed. He was, indeed, in England, in the house called Windward Hall that […]

Rog Phillips – Tillie

“There you are!” Judson Taylor, the eccentric physics prof, pulled a metallic object out of his pocket and laid it on the table between us. The object was a solid chunk of some kind of metal, judging from its bright silver color, about the size and shape of a pocket knife. I looked at it […]

Rog Phillips – The Unthinking Destroyer

“HEY, Gordon!” Gordon Marlow, Ph.D., straightened up and turned in the direction of the voice, the garden trowel dangling in his dirt-stained white canvas glove. His wide mouth broke into a smile that revealed even white teeth. It was Harold Harper, an undergraduate student, who had called. “Hop over the fence and come in,” Gordon […]

Rog Phillips – The Old Martians

The man with the pith helmet had his back toward me. Hunched forward, he was screaming at the girl in the lens of his camera. “Don’t just stand there, Dotty! Move! Do something! Back up toward that column with inscriptions on it… .” The girl was tall and longlegged with ideal body proportions, her features […]

Rog Phillips – Cube Root of Conquest

Jan ran tirelessly, his long clean limbs carrying him at express train speed across the uneven terrain. The small deer was beginning to show evidences of tiring. Its foam-flecked mouth was open, the swollen tongue protruding over the teeth. The ten or more miles of the chase had proven Jan’s superior strength. The deer rounded […]

Robert William Chambers – The Younger Set

“You never met Selwyn, did you?” “No, sir.” “Never heard anything definite about his trouble?” insisted Gerard. “Oh, yes, sir!” replied young Erroll, “I’ve heard a good deal about it. Everybody has, you know.” “Well, I don’t know,” retorted Austin Gerard irritably, “what ‘everybody’ has heard, but I suppose it’s the usual garbled version made […]

Stealing Gulfstreams – James Patterson

“Gentlemen, find yourformation.” The pace pilot’s voice crackles over the radio, but John Flynn can barely hear it. The retired Navy lieutenant can barely hear anything. Including his own thoughts. He’s strapped inside a T-2 Buckeye warbird, hurtling through the air at more than two hundred miles per hour. Its four-ton steel-alloy fuselage is rattling […]

Robert William Chambers – The Firing Line

As the wind veered and grew cooler a ribbon of haze appeared above the Gulf-stream. Young Hamil, resting on his oars, gazed absently into the creeping mist. Under it the ocean sparkled with subdued brilliancy; through it, shoreward, green palms and palmettos turned silvery; and, as the fog spread, the sea-pier, the vast white hotel, […]

Robert William Chambers – The Danger Mark

All day Sunday they had raised the devil from attic to cellar; Mrs. Farren was in tears, Howker desperate. Not one out of the fifteen servants considered necessary to embellish the Seagrave establishment could do anything with them after Kathleen Severn’s sudden departure the week before. When the telegram announcing her mother’s sudden illness summoned […]

Robert William Chambers – The Common Law

There was a long, brisk, decisive ring at the door. He continued working. After an interval the bell rang again, briefly, as though the light touch on the electric button had lost its assurance. “Somebody’s confidence has departed,” he thought to himself, busy with a lead-weighted string and a stick of soft charcoal wrapped in […]

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