The Chemist – Stephenie Meyer

oday’s errand had become routine for the woman who was currently calling herself Chris Taylor. She’d gotten up much earlier than she liked, then dismantled and stowed her usual nighttime precautions. It was a real pain to set everything up in the evening only to take it down first thing in the morning, but it […]

A Scot to Keep – Tammy Andresen

LİLY STOOD at the sink basin near the door, washing her hands. Soft cooing noises emitted from the bed and she glanced up to see mother and child snuggled together as Mr. McGreevy, one of their croft farmers and father of the baby, leaned close to his wife, cooing back at the child. Joy lit […]

A Scot Mess – Caroline Lee

Laird Oliphant’s sons were hungover. At least, most of them were. Finn certainly was and currently had his chin propped up on his fist, his elbow resting on the trestle table in the great hall, and was attempting to do the math. Alistair wasn’t hungover, of course, because the man never took the time away […]

A Scandalous Vow – Ava Stone

Haversham House, London – March 1817 tay away from Lady Staveley.” Marcus Gray, the Marquess of Haversham, blinked into the darkness that was his study. The silhouette of a man with a pipe, sitting in Marc’s chair sent a chill down his spine. He knew that voice, even if it had been a number of […]

A Scandalous Ruse – Ava Stone

Rufford Hall, Nottinghamshire – February 1816 regory, Baron Avery, offered his younger brother Tristan a glass of whiskey. “It’s been so nice, having you home again.” The golden liquid reflected the roaring fire, just a few feet away in the hearth. “Phoebe insisted.” Tris accepted the glass with a nod and a smile that said […]

A Scandalous Proposition – Wendy Soliman

Southern England, 1809 Major Lord Adam Fitzroy closed the door to the private parlour he’d taken at the Three Feathers, obliterating the curious glances directed his way by the occupants of the tap room. With a weary sigh, he unfastened the tattered green tunic that identified him as a serving officer with the 95th Rifles […]

A Scandalous Destiny – Ava Stone

The offices of Hall & Hill Temple, London – late April 1816 M ajor Gabriel Prideaux blinked at the solicitor behind his desk, not quite believing anything the man had just said, or perhaps simply not wanting to. But it did not seem that Mr. Hill, who had appeared rather uncomfortable during the entire interview, […]

A Scandalous Adventure – Lillian Marek

Baden, October 1863 Lady Susannah Tremaine sank into the chair in the coffee room of the Grand Hotel with a sigh of pleasure mixed with relief. The pleasure was because the chairs were actual upholstered armchairs, not the spindly little things so often encountered in tea shops, and the pastries on display looked absolutely gorgeous. […]

A Royal Kiss & Tell – Julia London

Helenamar, Alucia 1846 It is an absolute truth that men and women alike desire the earnest vow of someone to love and cherish them all their days, and that nothing elicits joy in the breast of all mankind quite like a wedding. Recently, the most joyous occasion was the wedding of the universally admired Lady […]

A Rose in the Highlands – Heather McCollum

NORTH OF GLASGOW, SCOTLAND April 1684 Evelyn Worthington curled her fingers under the edge of the leather seat cushion, bracing herself against the carriage wall as they dipped in and out of another rut in the road. “God’s teeth,” she whispered, reaching forward to keep her lady’s maid, Molly, from being dumped into the dark […]

A Rogue’s Reputation – Lana Williams

London, England 1814 Lady Louisa Felton tugged at the ill-fitting trousers she wore as part of her disguise and studied the dark windows of Granger House on Grosvenor Street. None of the servants appeared to be awake. Perfect. Yet she couldn’t convince her feet in their unfamiliar boots to move from the cobblestones toward the […]

A Rogue’s Downfall – Mary Balogh

SHE stood with her forehead pressed against the glass of the window, staring sightlessly downward, picturing in her mind how the day would be unfolding if she had accepted Hester Dryden’s invitation—if she had been allowed to accept it. She would have left here in the morning. She would be arriving now if there had […]

A Rogue’s Christmas Kiss – Eva Devon

Lady Marabelle Danvers, the only surviving child of the Earl of Gray, loved Christmas. She loved it with every fiber of her being, every part of her soul. What wasn’t there to love, after all? Every year, she spent the days in December eagerly preparing for the twelve days of revelry which would begin Christmas […]

A Rogue Walks into a Ball – Emily Greenwood

The theater ought to challenge the mind and improve the moral sense, and this critic sees no benefit in sinking to the predictable levels we’ve come to expect from author John Smith-Jones.” Lord Jack Hallaway put down the newspaper from which he’d been reading aloud and lifted a questioning eyebrow at his younger sister Alice, […]

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