Conquered by the Viking – Ashe Barker

The girl straightened, rubbed her aching back with her grimy palm. She flung the shovel aside, then fell to her knees, weeping. The mound of soft earth mocked her, a permanent memorial to all she had lost. All that had been savagely ripped from her by the bastard Norsemen as they rampaged through her land, […]

Connecticut Bride – Cyndi Raye

“I have a letter from the Adjutant General’s office that you have been appointed to Ordnance Sergeant as of this day.” Julian Daniels stared at the Quartermaster Sergeant, a man of integrity he had become friends with over the eight years he had been an enlisted man. “What does this mean?” he asked, even though […]

Colin’s Conundrum – Simone Beaudelaire

“G entlemen.” Colin Butler, Viscount Gelroy, addressed the ragged band of farmers gathered around him. Nods greeted him, but excessive displays of obeisance had long since collapsed. “How goes it?” he asked, stomach jumping. We’re so close to disaster. Another month, Lord, please. And another idea. Any idea. A blond man in his early fifties, […]

Cold-Hearted Rake – Lisa Kleypas

Hampshire, England August 1875 “THE DEVIL KNOWS WHY my life should be ruined,” Devon Ravenel said grimly, “all because a cousin I never liked fell from a horse.” “Theo didn’t fall, precisely,” his younger brother, Weston, replied. “He was thrown.” “Obviously the horse found him as insufferable as I did.” Devon paced around the receiving […]

Cocky Duke – Annabelle Anders

Mrs. Ambrosia (Aubrey) Bloomington A rural inn in South East England, 1823 Mrs. Ambrosia Bloomington leaned forward but held back an appreciative gasp as she caught sight of the creature outside her window. Sleek, muscular… and such a powerful looking behind. The magnificent beast turned his head, allowing a glimpse of his chiseled profile. In […]

Cloak and Dagger – Rebecca King

Duncan yawned widely and watched the latest arrivals walk through the door. Amidst the opulence of the boss’s office deep within the War Office he felt decidedly out of place, but that might have had something to do with his attire, or the fact that nobody really knew why they had been summoned to meet […]

Clash of Storms – Bec McMaster

EVERY of meeting their true mate, the other piece of their soul, but when the almighty Blackfrost laid eyes upon his, he knew the Great Goddess had gotten it wrong. It happened on All Souls Day. Bonfires burned on the mountains surrounding Hekla, the enormous volcano where the great court of the Zini clan who […]

Claiming Mister Kemp – Emily Larkin

LIEUTENANT THOMAS MATLOCK trod briskly up the steps of Albany Chambers and rapped on the door to Lucas Kemp’s rooms. The moon shone cold and bright overhead and an icy breeze fingered its way between the folds of his military greatcoat. His knock sounded loudly—and was followed by silence. Tom knocked a second time, less […]

Claiming His Captive – Sassa Daniels

Something about the woman was off. She claimed to be an experienced event planner yet every time someone asked her for instruction, she was like a deer caught in the headlights. He’d been watching her for the last couple of hours, since he arrived back from an extended vacation to find preparations for this fiasco […]

Claimed by the Clan Chief – Lily Harlem

Isla Dunoon concentrated as she carried the heavy tray of ale across the bustling banquet room. Her laird, Stewart McDonald, was hosting an important Jacobite as well as family he hadn’t seen for some time. It was essential she didn’t spill the drinks the thirsty crowd were clamouring for. She dodged a fellow maid, Diane, […]

Claimed By A Viking – T. S. Florence

Rose Draper was nine years old when she and her twin brother, Jack Draper, were beginning to learn the basics of their father’s wool business. He was the most renowned wool merchant in all of Kingston, a prosperous township on the eastern coast of England, which had a strong family name on the crown. They […]

Ciaran’s Bond – Stella Knight

A chill crept through Isabelle as she maneuvered her rental car through the narrow cobblestoned streets of Larkin. The village, nestled in the Scottish Highlands, was the intended destination of her friend Fiona, who went missing months ago. Was this the last village you saw before you disappeared, Fiona? Isabelle wondered, tightening her grip on […]

Chronicles of Regency Love – Abby Ayles

Lady Alexandra Woodley searched feverishly through the basket of freshly washed clothes. She knew she was rumpling the soft cotton fabrics but had little time to care about it. She made a note to apologize later to Polly, the maid, for making her ironing twice as difficult this week, despite her frantic rush. If her […]

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