And the Widow Wore Scarlet – Adele Clee

Covent Garden, London, 1820 Blood seeped from the wound in Damian Wycliff’s thigh as he lay slumped in a dank alley off Drury Lane. The blade had pierced his breeches, had sunk deep into his now burning flesh. A crimson pool soaked the beige buckskin. Had he not broken at least two fingers, had he […]

An Unwilling Earl – Sharon Cullen

LONDON 1850 The day was gloomy, wet, and tired looking, as if London were simply weary of being a city. Jacob Baker dodged a muddy puddle and stepped over a steaming pile of horse dung. With a quick sidestep he barely missed running down a finely dressed matron. She sniffed and harrumphed and lifted her […]

An Unwilling Bride – Jo Beverley

April, 1815 “Hell and damnation.” The words were muttered rather than shouted but were sufficiently shocking to cause Gerald Westall, secretary to William de Vaux, Duke of Belcraven, to look over at his employer. The duke sat behind his massive, carved desk attending to the day’s correspondence. His spectacles, only ever used for reading, were […]

An Unlikely Debutante – Laura Martin

Lina ducked under her uncle’s outstretched arm and darted forward. Normally she was too quick for her lumbering relative, but today Uncle Tom had abstained from the drink that often addled his brain and slowed his body, so he caught her roughly by the arm. ‘One week, Lina. I want my money in one week.’ […]

An Unexpected Pleasure – Candace Camp

New York, 1879 The shriek cut through the night. In her bed, Megan Mulcahey sat straight up, instantly awake, her heart pounding. It took her a moment to realize what had awakened her. Then she heard her sister’s voice again. “No. No!” Megan was out of her bed in a flash and running through the […]

An Unexpected Bride – Ashtyn Newbold

Worthing, England, 1818 F ive tiny fingers curled around Eleanor’s wrist, and she looked down to see two round blue eyes, their dark lashes casting shadows over rosy cheeks. Eleanor knew the look on her son’s face—she knew the pressure of his grip, the quiver of his chin, and the tenseness of his small frame. […]

An Unconventional Affair – Stacy Reid

It was completely and utterly outrageous. “I do beg your pardon,” replied Lady Amalie Victoria Weatherston, as she stared in astonishment at the four faces peering at her with varying degrees of scandalized expectations. Surely, they jested, and in quite poor taste. “You heard us,” said Dorothea, Lady Wimbotton, their most illustrious and perhaps even […]

An Unconditional Freedom – Alyssa Cole

January 1862 Outside of Richmond, VA “I want to help my people get free.” That was how it all started. No, that wasn’t true. It had started with Ellen moving into the house next door. Daniel had been seven years old, the freeborn child of a seamstress and a blacksmith who did well for themselves. […]

An Uncommon Woman – Laura Frantz

Buckhannon River, Western Virginia Spring 1770 Why could she not quit pondering that flounced petticoat? The rule of the river was vigilance, Pa had always said. Embraced by blooming redbud and dogwood on both banks, the Buckhannon gushed snow-cold in the spring thaw, its muddy depths a maelstrom of danger. Yet even the high water […]

An Uncommon Christmas – Regina Scott

Miss Eleanor Pritchett, teacher of literature at the Barnsley School for Young Ladies, slid into place along the wall of the headmistress’ office, tucking her light-brown hair up into the black cap all the teachers wore. She had never liked the shapeless black bombazine uniform of the school staff, but now she was thankful for […]

An Unacceptable Offer – Mary Balogh

JOSEPH Sedgeworth yawned and held up his brandy glass to his eye to observe the inch of liquor still left in it. “I must have been mad to accompany you here, Fairfax,” he said. “After two weeks in London I shall feel hemmed in and restless. And I have agreed to spend two months here […]

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